The Chainsmokers Promise Original Sound in 2018

Since hitting the airwaves in 2013, the DJ/Production duo the Chainsmokers have become a household name all over the globe. With their catchy melodies and mixture of poignant lyrics, the duo (comprised of Alex Pall and Drew Taggart) have cranked out a number of chart toppers, including the number one hit “Closer”, “Something Just Like This” and their early breakthrough favorite “#Selfie”.



After massive success, the Chainsmokers have moved into formerly unchartered terrain with their new single “Sick Boy”, which ushers in a new wave of sound after a nine-month lull. The launch of their latest tune has made many categorize their new hit as an original flavor for the duo, something much darker than their previous artistry. The song delves into the political landscape of America and a critique of the ideology and lifestyles being led within it. (See: Chainsmokers on Beatport: The Chainsmokers)



In a recent interview with Hugh MacIntyre, Taggart and Pall opened up about their groundbreaking success and the future direction of their work. As Taggart explains “Sick Boy” is a commentary about contemporary relations; “we are addressing what it feels like to be alive right now and as someone in our generation”. He goes on to divulge that their lyrics have a lot to do with the role of social media in our lives- the way our realities are now pitched to the masses in bids for popularity through platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Go To This Page for additional information.



The Chainsmokers wrapped up the interview with a promise of several more like-minded hits to follow in “Sick Boys” success, including a dance festival track and some cutting edge new fusion of electronica with mainstream pop. As the pair continues to push themselves and their work to the highest standard of originality, there is even talk of constituting a band with an official singer, as opposed to their intermittent vocal collaborations. As fans hang tight to see what’s in store, their loyalties remain with the new direction Chainsmokers has taken, which is sure to take the world by storm in 2018.