Shafik Sachedina’s Involvement in Nursing Care, Sussex Healthcare

Shafik Sachedina is an experienced and renown professional in the health sector with a speciality in dentistry and overall management. He graduated from the University of London in the medical and Dentist school in 1975 and is still practicing the same in England. Dr Sachedina is also involved in voluntary work with the Jamati Institutions as well as the Aga Khan as part of maintaining the English tradition of voluntary work in health services. Shafik Scahedina’s expertise in management led to his appointment as the head of Jamati Institutions including a leadership position with the Aga Khan where he coordinates activities and programs in sixteen regions where these institutions exist. Coordinating and interfacing programs between the Aga Khan and Ismaili communities in Asia are also part of Dr Sachedina’s responsibilities. Evidently, Sachedina is not only a Dental Surgeon but also skilled in the management field thus his appointments and involvement with the Jamati and Ismaili communities.

Shafik Sachedina was born in Tanzania in 1950. After his graduation and six years practice with healthcare facilities in England, he partnered with a professional and co-founded Sussex Health Care where he still serves as a joint director. The UK based facility operates as a support and Nursing Care home where it focuses on personalizing services mainly to adults and the aged particularly with neurological and dementia complications. The health care facility is operated by multi-skilled and experienced professionals courtesy of Dr Shafik Sachedina and his co-owner, Shiraz Boghani who is also a medical professional. The tremendous, stable, and consistent growth of Sussex Health Care confirms the impeccable managerial and leadership skills of Dr Sachedina.

Dr Sachedina has developed an independent culture among the employees that trickles down to how they interact with patients. The exceptionally trained professionals have been assigned various homes to manage while providing the occupational and physiotherapy services as per the clients’ requests. Shafik Sachedina’s dedication and resilience in offering comfortable and safe homes for the aged and adult clients has led to a significant revolution in the health care system in the United Kingdom for the last twenty-five years that Sussex Health Care has been in operation. Sachedina has ensured Sussex Health Care provides specialized and personal care to the patients by availing specialized facilities that address individual client needs. As a result, Sussex Health Care has maintained a reputation for quality and specialized care for the twenty-five years in UK’s Nursing care industry. Visit Shafik Sachedina on facebook.

Troy McQuagge Wins Gold in the 2016 One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Awards

The United States Health Group CEO and President, Troy McQuagge, is the lucky Gold winner of the best CEO of the Year by the Planet Awards. Troy McQuagge has served in the position of the CEO and President of the company for the past four years. When he first entered the company, he was assigned the duty of cleaning up the business model of the United States Health Group Company substation by the name United States Health Advisors. During that time, the company was diving towards immense losses. However, he wanted to achieve the best for the company in a way that sets him apart in this business world. Troy McQuagge commenced his duties in the subsection by rebuilding the business model with new regulations that were meant to achieve the best for the company. For this reason, Troy McQuagge went on to become the best CEO of the year.

After working at the United States Health Advisors for four years, Troy McQuagge was elected by the management to become the next CEO and President of the United States Health Group. During that time, he knew he had to do everything in his power to show the world that he was the best person for the company. During that time, Troy McQuagge worked hard to remodel the business structure of the United States Health Group by making it possible for the clients to access their services at their most opportune moment. Perhaps this is the reason why the company revived its business to sustain unparalleled growth.

Troy McQuagge has always lived to be praised by the management of the company. This is the reason why they helped him apply for the Planet Awards for a chance to be recognized as the best CEO of the year. For you to become part of the members of the Planet Awards, you must be willing to follow all the procedures that showcase all your credentials as the CEO of the Year. Troy McQuagge satisfied the Senate that he was the best among all that applied for the 2016 CEO of the year to win gold. While many will look at this as one of the greatest achievements, Troy McQuagge views it as his duty to serve the company he loves.

The Planet Awards is a company that recognizes all the CEOs from all parts of the world. This award has worked for more than five decades of professional experience to honor the CEOs who have gone a long way in sustaining the best for their companies. This is perhaps the reason why they intend to achieve the best for their companies. Troy McQuagge was chosen based on his merit as the CEO of the United States Health Group Advisors. Read more:


Helping Out with Logan Stout

Logan Stout is many things at once. He is an author, a motivational speaker as well as the CEO and founder of IDLife. He believes in helping people out in any way that he can. The main goal for him, as well as IDLife, is helping people focus solely on their health so people can live longer and more successful lives.He believes in building people up and helping them have as much success as they desire. His book is called Stout Advice: THe Secrets to Building Yourself, People and Teams. It shows how he was able to step by step not only make himself a success but other people as well. The philosophy of helping people and giving back has been tested by the recent storm called Hurricane Harvey.

Logan Sout lives in the city of Frisco, Texas and when Hurricane Harvey slammed into Houston he knew he had to help out in some way. The first thing he did was to offer warehouse space for the agencies that needed it. He also made sure that much-needed items were properly delivered to the places that needed them the most. In one of the most effective moves after the events of Hurrican Harvey Logan Stout appealed to social media to get the word out that a convoy of vehicles was coming to Houston with desperately needed supplies. Heis workers showed up at the United Way of Dallas and took on the daunting task of filling all of the trucks with necessary goods for the people of Houston. He also assisted hand in hand with other companies in the area to provide as much help as possible to as many people as he can. With the power of teamwork and determination, Logan Stout believes that the people of Houston can and will overcome the ravages of Hurricane Harvey.

Working with people is one of the best ways that Logan Stout can influence those people around him. By working with people and companies around Houston and around the country, Logan Stout can safely say that he is living the dream of a well-lived life. In his view, a person hasn’t lived until he helped someone in need.

Hurricane Harvey has taught Logan Stout that the need for giving never stops. As long as people need help after a storm like Harvey, Logan Stout will be there to lend a helping hand.

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As the top beverage, meat and food makers, OSI Group has a long and admirable story in the food processing settings. They have been outstanding in molding reputation for the past ten and more decades. They have stored enough necessities required to project them to success even in many more years to come. Their economical ability has surfaced from their willingness to accept and embrace change as well as the ability to explore innovative ideas and moreover involve the use of technology in their operations. OSI Group has successfully dignified the food industry, in the process creating over 65 supply centers in around 17 countries of the world and in addition ensuring that nearly 20,000 people get jobs all over the world. A unique methodology of operation by the firm has been ensuring equality when it relates to employment. People of different races, countries, and color as well as ethnic diversities have benefitted from employment at the firm.

Since it was started in 1909, OSI Group has maintained its chief operation base at Aurora, Illinois in the United States. As at the end of the year 2016, the company had accumulated an approximate amount of revenue totaling to 6.1 billion dollars, in the processing emerging among the 60 most established entrepreneurial firms according to the Forbes magazine. The company’s realization in the global scene began in 1975 when the company changed its name from Otto and sons to the current OSI Group. At that instance in 1975, the company got a contract to supply McDonalds solely and its progression was noted as McDonalds grew. The company was involved in licensing deal in 1999 with a company, Best Chicago meat, LLC, due to the use branding rights under Glenmark. The company has vowed to providing quality especially in packaging, storage as well as in their distribution. OSI Group competence has contributed by the ample working conditions which the company has established to its employees as well as the associative working relationship of the workers.

OSI Group has been carrying out entrepreneurial activities under OSI Industries LLC, in the United States. The firm has created factories in Riverside, West Jordan and Geneva among the many other regions in the U.S. the company has their personal branding facility where it conducts labelling of their products. OSI Group is well regarded for its delicacies in poultry, pizzas and fish products. The company has received uncountable honors among them being honors for safety and health control as well as awards for environmental safeguarding.

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The Transformation of the National Steel Car with Gregory Aziz

Gregory James Aziz serves as the president, chair, and CEO of National Steel Car. The firm is based in Hamilton, Ontario and is a global leader in railroad freight car construction. Aziz is a London, Ontario native and schooled at the University of Western Ontario from where he earned an economics degree. He started working with his family-owned wholesale food firm, Affiliated Foods in 1971. By 1987, the firm was a global importer providing major wholesale fresh food markets across the Eastern Canada and the United States fresh food from Europe and Central and South America. Like Him on Facebook.


From the late 80s to early 90s, Gregory J Aziz resided in New York looking at various viable investment banking opportunities. He purchased National Steel Car in 1994. His top aim was creating the top railroad freight car manufacturer in the whole of North America. James Aziz emphasized on strong, stringent engineering capabilities as well as team building at the National Steel Car. He hired 2,400 employees, and by 1999, Greg Aziz had increased the firm’s annual production from an average of 3,500 cars to 12,000 cars. The firm’s engineering, innovation, and manufacturing excellence led to its railroad cars receiving a vote as the top-notch quality in North America for 18 years consecutively.


Gregory J Aziz has a profound commitment to the Hamilton, Ontario community. As the fortunes of the firm soared, Aziz has been generously giving back to the community. His firm, National Steel Car sponsors a wide range of charitable and social organizations. They include the Salvation Army, the Hamilton Opera, the United Way, Theatre Aquarius and many more local charities. Every year, thousands of both past and present National Steel Car workers attend the firm-organized Christmas party. These employees additionally participate in key food drives run by the National Steel Car for local food banks.


Greg Aziz, together with his wife Irene, are profound sponsors of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. It is among the most prominent agricultural fairs in Canada. For more than two decades, Gregory James has been putting forward his best to transform the National Steel Car into a well-reputed firm for the production of the most innovative, highest quality railroad freight car in North America. Greg Aziz has not only succeeded in fostering strong performance of the National Steel Car, but he has also helped ameliorate the quality of life for the people of Hamilton. The success of National Steel Car and Gregory Aziz is directly related to his vision, comprehension of business administration, commitment to staff, community and company as well as stringent attention to detail. More Information Here.


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Glen Wakeman Successful Career

Glen Wakeman is known to many as a successful board member, financial services executive, public company president, investor, business owner, and mentor. Glen has been in the management industry for more than twenty-one years, and he has all the expertise and experience needed to tackle challenging tasks.


Wakeman has done so well in his career because of several reasons. First of all, he is very passionate about helping businesses to improve by increasing the individual agility and applying some of the methods that have been tried and tested in the past. According to the hedge fund manager, a methodology that improves the key dimensions of performance in a business is the best. Glen Wakeman believes that the best strategy will increase leadership, execution, human capital, risk management and governance. In his entire career, Glen has used these skills to empower business to build successful investments.


Glen Wakeman decided to establish a company known as Nova Four several years ago (NewsSky). The business accelerator company specializes in offering strategic advisory services to consumers in the United States. The company also provides funds to some of the promising developing businesses in the country. Glen Wakeman is currently the chief executive officer of the institution. At this position, Glen ensures that he performs the CEO coaching needed. Glen also performs board duties to sustain the improvements required to take the company to greater levels.


Through the start-up, Glen Wakeman works with some of the early stage businessmen. Glen has a company known as Since it was established several years ago, the company offers individuals with online planning services. LPTK has done very well since it was established several years ago.


Glen Wakeman was born and raised by middle-class parents who wanted the best in life for him ( After completing his education, the businessman went to study at some of the most prestigious universities in the world. After completing his studies, Glen had to serve in several companies before starting his businesses. His success in the business world has motivated him to help the upcoming business people in the world. Through his coaching and mentorship classes, Glen Wakeman has changed the lives of so many people.


The impressive career of Eric Lefkofsky

You may not know Eric Lefkofsky’s name but chances are you have used services from one of the many businesses the ambitious entrepreneur has helped build from the group up.Lefkofsky is best known as co-founder and CEO of two very important companies: Groupon and Tempus. The latter is a groundbreaking genome sequencing company that was started to help doctors understand the DNA makeup of the patients they are treating. Combining genome mapping and analytics, Tempus delivers a map of a patient’s molecular structure to help guide physicians in the treatment of various types of cancers.

Lefkofsky started his entrepreneurial endeavors at the University of Michigan where he sold carpets in his spare time to raise money. After graduating from law school, Eric and a college friend borrowed money to fund a clothing company in Madison, Wisconsin. Over the next few years Lefkofsky would start a number of businesses that would provide anything from printing services to shipping logistics.One of Lefkofsky’s biggest breaks came in 2007 when he co-founded ThePoint, which would later change its name to Groupon. Groupon is an online marketplace that sells promotional deals for restaurants, shops, and social events.

In 2011 Groupon raised close to $1 billion in private funding, and Lefkofsky assumed the role of CEO shortly afterwards in 2013.One reason why he is so successful is from his grasp on the theory of “Accelerated Disruption”, a subject that he published a book on under the same name. Accelerated Disruption is the idea that technology and business moves at the speed of light, and an entrepreneur that thinks he may have struck gold with a business idea can soon be challenged by others with similar ideas due to the rapid growth of science and technology.In addition to Lefkofsky’s lucrative business career, the entrepreneur engages in philanthropy through the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. The Foundation’s mission is to provide scientific and educational opportunities to communities in need around the world, and focuses primarily on children. The Foundation has contributed to the funding of dozens of other philanthropic organizations across the planet.

How Internet of Things is improving service Delivery according to Jason Hope

Whether we realize it or not, the era of the Internet of Things is here to stay. For instance, there are numerous daily items that are wirelessly connected to the internet. Items such as vehicles, toothbrushes; as well as medical equipment are capable of wireless functionality. The Internet of Things is predicted by Gartner Inc. ,a leader in technological research, to be connected to over 25 billion items by the year 2020 globally.A piece of technology known as Bluetooth beacon is the main component of the Internet of Things. This amazing technology allows for devices to interact with each other as well as human beings.

It is simply a transmitter equipment which collects and broadcasts information. In this current age, a large percentage of these beacons are stickers that have sensors fitted in or on them. For instance, Boeing 787 owned by Virgin Atlantic is fully connected to a wireless network all over the plane, tip to tip. The connection helps in internet of things and catering for any safety concerns and soon as an issue arises mid-air, ground staff is notified and before the plane lands, the repairs are ready to get started.Airline companies also use lot to improve their customer service experience for their customers. Some of the ways how are easy check-in, personalized travel (guiding one to the right side of the airport), and pet tracking services.

Jason Hope is a futurist, entrepreneur, investor ,and a philanthropist situated in Scottsdale in Arizona. He confesses that he has a deep passion and love for technology and giving back to the society. He got his finance degree from Arizona State University, MBA from Carey School of Business. He kicked off his career by creating a mobile communications company and now focuses on Biotechnology. Jason mentor’s high school students in Scottsdale and developing grant programs. He has also been interested and supported SENS foundation’s research on Anti-Aging.

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Eric Lefkofsky’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

Many people have heard the name Eric Lefkofsky at least once or twice. After all, his entrepreneurial spirit is just one of the many reasons that he has had so much success in business career, even before he was finished with his studies at the University of Michigan. It only makes sense that someone that started selling carpet while he was still in college would eventually figure out how to run a successful business in just about any field. As such, he already had the makings of a great entrepreneur  and he has proven that fact time and again with the successes of the various companies that he has been associated with.Find more about Eric Lefkofsky.

Even if you haven’t heard the name, you have certainly heard of one of the companies that he has been involved with, as he co-founded the popular company Groupon. This alone should serve to indicate the type of skill he has when it comes to entrepreneurial endeavors, not to mention his overall creativity. Groupon quickly rose to the top as one of the most creative ideas out there and it is still just as popular today. Almost everyone has used it at one time or another. It works well for both businesses and individuals, as it drives new customers to businesses while at the same time giving the customer a great discount. The idea is to create a lifelong relationship so that the business can grow and the client can find a new place to get great products and services at a fair price.

Of course, his entrepreneurial endeavors did not end with creating Groupon. As previously mentioned, he has been involved with a number of immensely successful companies. While he is still the chairman of Groupon, he is deeply involved with another company known as Tempus. This is another innovative company that has the potential to change the world for the better. It is a company that is focusing on cancer research from a new approach, that of defining how a person gets cancer, using genomic testing. In other words, it is helping to clarify who is most at risk for the disease and at the same time, working to better understand why it happens and how it can be stopped in its tracks. His involvement was this company at the top level is a huge asset to the company, not to mention anyone who could stand to benefit from dramatic advances in cancer treatment.


Todd Lubar Has Made Himself A Success In The Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry is one of the best industries for people looking to establish a career. One of the main reasons why the real estate industry is an excellent industry for people to seek out to start a career is because it is a result oriented industry. People can enter the real estate industry and move up based on their own merit. In many cases, it is easy to see how real estate professionals are performing because performance in the real estate industry is often based on numbers. Moreover, these numbers are watched closely by real estate companies, so people who are performing well will be noticed.


There are many different career paths that people can take regarding the real estate industry. Some of the most well known and popular career paths include real estate agents and loan originators. While there are numerous other paths to success in the real estate industry, many real estate professionals have done well following these two particular career paths.


A real estate professional who has done very well in the real estate industry is Todd Lubar. As a real estate professional, Todd Lubar started his career in 1995. His first job was as a loan originator. After only a short time on this job, Todd Lubar determined that he wanted to pursue a career in real estate loans. Therefore, over the next decade, Todd Lubar learned all he could about the real estate business.


His main focus was real estate loans. He moved on to other jobs regarding real estate loans during the next decade. At each job, he learned as much as he could about the specific jobs and how the jobs related to the real estate industry. After a decade in the real estate industry, Todd Lubar took the experience and knowledge he had acquired to start his own real estate businesses.