Investment Firm Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management is an investment firm that specializes in managing capital that is backed by debt backed securities. Over the years, the firm has established itself as a leader in providing institutional investors with efficient management of all credit based securities. As well as offering the management of debt backed securities, Highland Capital Management has also offered collateralized loan obligations which are used to help manage capital for investors as well. During its existence, Highland Capital grew from a small insurance company to a large international investment firm. Today, Highland Capital Management is located in Dallas, Texas and has expanded to other parts of the world to countries such as Brazil, South Korea and Singapore. Read this article at Dallas News.

When investors work with Highland Capital Management, they will be able to take advantage of getting a number of beneficial financial services. One of the most valuable services that this firm offers is financial advising. The firm will have professionals to give both individuals and companies advice on how to manage their capital for both income and growth. Another key service this firm offers is wealth management where professionals will oversee the assets of an individual and make sure that they are getting the desired results in terms of returns. Highland Capital Management is also able to offer asset management to companies that are looking to have large sums of their money monitored.


As well as offering a number of services, Highland Capital Management offers its assistance to a variety of different clients. One of the most common clients the firm serves is corporations. When working with corporations, the firm provides management of capital as well as advising on what to invest in. It also served government entities that are looking to both manage and grow their capital on regular basis in order to reach fiscal goals. Along with serving institutional clients, Highland Capital Management also serves high net worth individuals who are looking to invest their capital more effectively. The last type of client the firm serves are pension fund investors who are looking to have comprehensive management of their investment funds such as pensions. Learn more about Highland Capital at Affiliate Dork.

Paul Mampilly: Top Investment Opportunities for the Future

Recent financial news reported that only one-third of the American population invests in stocks. This revelation suggests that about 60 percent of Americans keep their money in savings accounts earning little interest. Therefore, many people are exploring other investment options.

New investors, however, fear the risks involved in the stock investment. Others do not know how to invest since they have no idea how the stock market works. Fortunately, Paul Mampilly who is a stock investment guru has some insight on some of the stocks that are likely to rule the market shortly.


Electric Automobile Stocks

Paul Mampilly urges new investors to emphasize in arising technology and innovative trends. He predicts that electric cars will eventually phase out traditional vehicles which run on gasoline. He explains that gasoline-engine automobiles require many expensive spare parts whereas electric ones have fewer moving parts. Therefore, there is little to replace and maintain, and more information click here.

Consequently, most Americans will adopt electric cars due to their low running and maintenance cost. He feels that electric vehicle stocks should be a lucrative venture. He supports his argument citing how people who invested in cellphone manufacturing companies years ago are reaping huge returns today.

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— Paul Mampilly(@Paul_M_Guru) November 2, 2017

Genetic Testing Companies

Paul Mampilly considers precision medicine another technological trend for investment. This healthcare innovation uses genetic testing to diagnose various diseases with high precision, including cancers. Physicians will study their patients’ genetic profiles to understand their DNA code.

Doctors will then compare the data to the information stored in a comprehensive database and determine an accurate remedy. Genetic testing companies will shape the future of medicine. Mampilly advises investors to buy stocks of such firms.


Food Delivery Companies

Paul notes that modern Americans prefer to visit specific restaurants more than in the past. They are also becoming more mindful of their diet. However, finding restaurants with meals tailored for health-conscious clients can be daunting.

Food delivery systems are overcoming this challenge by supplying clients with nutritious meals prepared in their homes rather than eating out in cafeterias. Paul Mampilly suggests that food delivery systems focusing on healthy food will soon become very attractive in the stock market.

Paul Mampilly is a financial expert with more than 25 years’ experience. He moved from India to America at a tender age. He has performed tremendously in stock investment. His expertise saw him win a Templeton Foundation award in 2009 after investing $50 million to reap $88 million, a gain of more than 75 percent, and

Scott Rocklage Looks For Unique Life Science Investment Opportunities As 5AM Ventures’ Managing Partner

In 2003, Dr. Scott Rocklage joined 5AM Ventures with the title Venture Partner. The investment company specializes in life sciences, and it focuses mainly on seed projects and companies in their early stages. After just one year with the company, Dr. Scott Rocklage became Managing Partner. With a glance at his background, it is easy to see why he moved up in the company so quickly.

Scott Rocklage’s Impressive History

Dr. Rocklage’s history in healthcare management and science made him a perfect candidate for 5AM Ventures. He brought over 30 years of relevant experience to the table. It was Dr. Rocklage’s leadership skills that helped a few important drugs gain FDA approval. In addition to being Chairman and CEO of Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Rocklage was Nycomed Salutar’s President and CEO. While there, he held distinguished roles in research and design. During the next several years, Dr. Rocklage served in positions such as VP, CEO and Chief Chairman of several other healthcare management and pharmaceutical companies.

The educational history of Dr. Rocklage is equally impressive. He started out by earning a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from UC Berkeley, and he continued to MIT to earn a Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry. While at MIT, he worked under Nobel Prize winner Richard Shrock and conducted research in his laboratory. Dr. Rocklage boasts over 100 peer-reviewed publications and is either the inventor or co-inventor of at least 30 patents in the United States and learn more about Scott Rocklage.

Dr. Rocklage and his family believe in furthering science and technology to benefit the future of healthcare for all residents of this planet. They are part of several charitable organizations and have made generous donations to multiple charities, organizations and schools including MIT’s nanotechnology and nanochemistry labs. Since Dr. Rocklage felt that his time doing research and studying at MIT contributed greatly to his successful career and his drive to be an innovator, he believes that the labs should never be short on funds. Dr. Rocklage, his wife and their three children enjoy spending time together and Scott Rocklage’s lacrosse camp.

Scott Rocklage Is Rocking Life Science Investments

Dr. Rocklage is taking the life sciences world by storm with his legendary leadership skills and innovations. He is always open to bright new ideas and has a great skill for identifying them whether they are fully developed or still need some work. With his propensity to develop healthcare solutions, 5AM Ventures expects to see many new innovations break into the market and excel. Dr. Rocklage especially enjoys helping organizations or individuals with a desire to explore uncharted territories and use out-of-the-box ideas. Since healthcare is becoming more expensive and complex every day, innovations that could save lives, save time or just save money catch the attention of 5AM Ventures.

While many investment companies are attracted to technology with digital features and functions, Dr. Rocklage understands that many of these ideas may cost more than they are worth to operate or maintain. When he and the team at 5AM Ventures consider a suggestion, they take a holistic approach. They are especially drawn to ideas that show creative thinking, efficiency, usefulness to patients and cost savings for all. From business and legal to medicine and science, the team members have a wide array of professional backgrounds. Their combined expertise gives them the ability to evaluate ideas on many different levels and his Linkedin.

Dr. Rocklage and the other professionals at 5AM Ventures are very involved when they work with companies or entities. From short-term strategies to daily operations, they believe that having professional involvement from all sides of the spectrum is the key to success. Since the rest of the team members boast impressive backgrounds as well, it is easy to see why they make a powerful investment company together and read full article.

David Giertz, a Lead Financial Advisor

There is an immense need for financial firms to create awareness to their clients about social security. David Giertz says that the financial advisors are avoiding the topic because the social security handbag is a complex docket with over 2700 rows and therefore is not easy to comprehend it. Despite being complex, he suggests that the most important thing is to have a basic understanding and confidence around all the rows. As the president of Nationwide Financial Sales and Distribution, David Giertz collaborated with the Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute in carrying out a consumer survey with the aim of gathering customer feedback on the topic of social security. According to the survey, 4 out of 5 retirees said that they would soon change their advisor because they are not offering advice on matters of social security.

For advisors to retain their clients, there is the immense need for them to take the customer’s interest at heart. The main reason to consider this is because advisors are part of the customer’s income retirement plan and social security contributes up to 40 % of the income at Turning social security too early may result in the client losing up to $12,000 a year. The advisor’s help is thus crucial.

David Giertz, also known as Dave, is a global business leader with over 30 years working experience in the field of financial services on Other than being the president of NFS Distributors Inc., he is an industry arbitrator at FINRA and a board of trustee at Millikin University, the institution where he did his bachelor’s degree. For a span of 12 years, Dave has been holding the president’s office in the different financial organizations that he has worked with.

In readiness for his career, Dave pursued a degree in Business administration and management and later furthered with the same at the MBA level. His key skills include retirement planning, mutual funds as well as financial services. David Giertz is a lead financial advisor with tremendous knowledge in the financial matters on Vimeo.

Stephen Rotella’s Journey in Building His Career in the Financial Markets Industry.

In early February of 2017, StoneCastle Insured Cash Sweep, LLC announced its acquisition of Intermedium Financial, LLC. The transaction involved InterLINK FinTech and other deposit-insured related properties. The chief executive officer of StoneCastle, Stephen Rotella, announced that the firm’s intent was to become a unique force in the insurance industry. He stated that InterLINK’s acquisition added to the technological resources of the company. He revealed StoneCastle’s confidence in adding financial value to the clients through the newly completed transaction and time-proven ability to deliver deposit capacity. Stephen Rotella added to say that InterLINK’s acquisition would aid StoneCastle to apply solutions to broker companies, other financial intermediaries and register investment advisers, by growing customer assets and increasing profitability.



Stephen Rotella earned his degree in Economics from the Stony Brook University in 1975 and proceeded to join University of Albany to pursue a master’s degree in business administration, until 1978. After his graduation, Stephen began his career by working for Accenture as a senior consultant until 1980, when he became the vice president of product development for The Reserve Group firm. He managed the company’s money fund and assets for four years, and in 1984, joined Shearson Lehman incorporation as the vice president. In 1987, Rotella began managing J.P Morgan as the chief executive officer of Chase Home Finance, until 2005. Stephen relocated from the Greater New York Area to the Greater Seattle Area in 2005 to work for WaMu as the chief operating officer and president for three years. In January 2011, he set up StoneCastle Cash Management to administer insured cash solutions for leading investors across the world.



Apart from managing StoneCastle, Stephen Rotella serves on the board of LIFT incorporation as the chair, since 2012. Between 2006 and 2008, Stephen served as a member of the Council of Seattle Foundation, YouthCare Seattle, and ArtsFund. In 1992, Stephen received an appointment to serve as the chair of the council at the BalletMet and worked to promote the arts and culture firm for six years. Between 2000 and 2002, Stephen joined another arts and culture organization, The Papermill, to work as a board member. Rotella has a keen interest in arts and culture, children, civil rights and social action, economic empowerment, environment, politics, poverty alleviation and social services.