The Oxford Club Interjects Life Into Dull Investment Portfolios

The Oxford Club has demonstrated a real knack for innovative investment strategies that maximize returns while reducing risk. This important consideration is a core tenet of their philosophy and it empowers their members to construct portfolios that are highly charged for success. It seems to be an unlikely pairing at first, lower risk and higher reward, but the time-tested strategies that they employ have paid off handsomely over the years and are continually refined and updated.

The membership roll of The Oxford Club continues to grow and now numbers more than 157,000 across the globe. Their common goal is excellence in investing and harnessing the power of global markets and the unique opportunities therein. The striving for financial freedom is one compelling reason for their success and their private network of investors can be found in 131 different countries with this stated goal in mind.

The founding of The Oxford Club occurred in 1989 when a small group of entrepreneurially-minded investors gathered together to figure out better ways to approach the markets. A principal foundation of their approach was networking as they considered that the best opportunities aren’t found in financial media but through personal contacts and research. Despite their substantially greater size as an organization, it is still practiced today as members gather for conferences to showcase ideas and gather information.

The Oxford Club produces three excellent newsletters that are available by subscription and each highlights different areas of the market. Their staff of experts engages in exhaustive research to find the best opportunities among the world’s array of markets. They highlight growth and income strategies to cover all types of investors within their membership.

There are three membership levels at The Oxford Club starting with the most basic Premier category which is a subscription to one of their newsletters on an annual basis. Next comes the Director’s Circle category and it’s a lifetime subscription to all three newsletters for comprehensive market coverage. The ultimate category is the Chairman’s Circle which is also for a lifetime and has extra bonus features available at the website for those who partake of this opportunity. As quoted in an published content, the Oxford Club is steeped in market knowledge and can interject life into a moribund portfolio.

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Susan McGalla Brings Her World of Knowledge to Other Women that Want Power in Business

Susan McGalla is a business and executive consultant with abundant knowledge to hand down. She is doing her very best to help all of those that are interested in building a better road map to corporate business level jobs. She knows about this because she has decades of experience in leadership roles. This is why Susan McGalla is someone that people listen to when she talks. She is one of the few women that can truly say that she is a powerful force that has changed the way that people look at retail clothing.

It is easy to embrace what Susan brings to the table because she keeps it simple. She has stated that one surefire thing that women most do is earn that degree. This is something that she believes wholeheartedly in.

Other things that she has mentioned when it comes to sparking a blaze in the business world is knowing about what you actually make claims to know. The only way that this can be done is with experience. This is why there are a lot of people that are looking for a chance to get into a learning environment where they have access to a position that allows them to venture out and grow.

Susan McGalla has gone from humble settings in East Liverpool, OH to the top in companies like American Eagle. She has climbed the corporate ladder several times in her career. McGalla has shown many people that it is easier to get into the business world when you know what you are capable of. It is also easier to get to a better position when you can show that you are willing to go the extra mile. This is what she continues to do in her business activity. She always goes beyond what is expected.