Paul Mampilly is a Successful Investor

Since 1991 when Paul Mampilly started his investment career he has shown to the investment world that he has what it takes to succeed in the volatile and extremely competitive financial market. It takes more than a little luck to succeed in the financial market. Many people are not willing to take the hundreds if not thousands of hours needed to research and know the market carefully much less having overcome that hurdle step out as a successful investor and offer their investment talent to the service of others. Paul Mampilly has over 25 years of proven success in the American investment world; he proved himself as a successful hedge fund manager and is known as a Wall Street insider. View Paul’s profile on Linkedin.

Paul Mampilly received his MBA from Fordham Universiy in 1996 and has blazed a financial trail thru such successful funds as Kinetics Asset Management LLC, Kinetics Portfolios Trust – Global Portfolio, Kinetics Mutual Funds, Inc. – The Global Fund, and many others. The Kiplinger Report named Mampilly’s co-managed Kinetics Paradigm fund in 2008 as having “some of the most original minds in the investment business today.” Some of Paul Mampilly’s clients have been from the European aristocracy and many Fortune 500 companies. Mr. Mampilly was the recipient of the prestigious Templeton Foundation Investment Competition in 2009, which managed a $50 million portfolio. Mr. Paul Mampilly is also the founder of Capuchin Investing, which provides “unique money-making investment ideas to professional investors.” Paul Mampilly is also the author of an investment newsletter which offers recommended stock tips for investors who are seeking information on the financial markets. Read more articles by Paul Mampilly at Banyan Hill.

Presently, Paul Mampilly’s chief work has been assisting the American citizen to find timely areas of investment, especially in small companies that show opportunity and growth in technology or small-cap stocks. He retired at the age of 40 and whose headquarters is in Delray, Florida.