Jeunesse Global: Where They Came From, What They Stand For

A famous alternative nutrition company on the worldwide market, Jeunesse was birthed in 2009 by two expert entrepreneurs whose investments yielded the necessary funds to pursue their joint vision of providing age-reversing products to the youthful as well as the elderly among us. Continual development and expansion of their offerings has landed Jeunesse into a position of global recognition as a top seller and a rapidly growing brand name in the medicinal field. Although their products don’t claim to treat or cure any disease, it’s certainly implied that they can assist with it.

This company is grounded in sacred numerology that’s said to affirm the entrepreneurs’ commitment to opening the way to a long, healthy and meaningful life for their clients. The references can be spotted in the creation of the company on September 9, 2009 at 9 o’clock and the nine products that are offered under the company’s Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.), which together form a complete regimen to knock down and drag out the causes of age-accelerating complications as well as problems that result from aging that’s happened so far. As a testament to the effectiveness of their approach, a collection of loyal clientele ingratiate themselves with Jeunesse’s vision for the future, and they call themselves the Jeunesse Family.

The Benefits of Y.E.S.

Most products that make up Jeunesse’s youth-enhancing program break down into smaller sub-products that are administered in steps or at certain times throughout the day. The mediums range from capsules and powders to canned juices and natural additives that promote all of the following and more:

  • Easy wakefulness, high-output energy and enough fuel to push you through a full day of hard work
  • Restful and restorative sleep that promotes healing, regeneration and energy upon waking
  • Athletic and fitness blends that form a multi-step process to cut down on appetite, reduce fat and increase lean muscle
  • Immune system and cellular support with proprietary superfood mixes that promote all-around well-being
  • Topical applicators and creams to soothe blemishes and restore that youthful look

Jeunesse Continues Expansion Into The East Asian Markets

The East Asian countries have always represented a major prize to be won by the world’s consumer goods companies. The totality of the East Asian markets represents some of the most populous, lucrative and untapped consumer markets in the world. With some of the most highly educated and industrious populations of the world, getting a foothold in just one of these countries can mean the difference between mediocrity and stratospheric success for many of the world’s leading manufacturers of consumer goods.


Jeunesse Global has understood this truth from the day it was founded. Focusing on the East Asian markets, the company has been able to undergo phenomenal growth, growing from a tiny operation run out of the garage of Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis into one of the major players in the global health and beauty sector.


Both Ray and Lewis are long-time veterans of the health and beauty industry. They understood that some of the products that sell very well in North America may not have the same level of appeal in East Asia. For this reason, the company’s product lineup is heavily geared towards all-natural products. (Read Jeunesse Global post on to learn more about the company)


One example is the company’s energy drink, Nevo. Nevo is able to provide the same sort of rush as competitors like Red Bull, but it is also made from 100-percent all-natural ingredients. This is a big selling point in the East Asian markets, where people tend to be far more conscientious about not indulging in highly processed foods such as artificial sweeteners or refined corn syrup.  Visit:


As an additional benefit, Nevo is able to provide the same kind of energy boost as its competitors without the harsh crash period that so many highly synthetic energy drinks bring. Overall, Nevo has found a way to deliver the same punch of increased energy without all of the excess baggage that comes from a highly synthetic drink.


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Other products are similarly focused on natural ingredients. Even the company’s lauded skin lotion, NV, is made with nearly completely natural ingredients. The lotion has been proven to reduce wrinkles and restore the vital glow of youth to users.


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