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Life Line Screening is an independently owned private health care company that is aimed at prevention and wellness. The company was founded in 1993 and its current headquarters are located in Austin, Texas. The company and its executive staff, highly trained advisors and technicians solely focus on running health screening service that are aimed at preventing and detecting certain diseases or issues. The company works in conjunction with people and services all over the United States.

Life Line Screening originally founded in Florida in 1993 by Colin Scully and Timothy Phillips. The offered services and critical detection have become very popular and the company has grown immensely. The services have extended into the United Kingdom as well and by 1998 the company had spread across the United States. They offer services to more than 500,000 people across the US and the UK. Some of the tests that they offer include a finger-stick test, EKG and ultrasound technologies. Life Line Screening services were first introduced to the UK in 2007. Within a year, they were offering atrial fibrillation screenings. The very same company, with a different name, introduced health screening services to Australia in 2012.

The company has proudly conducted more that 8 million health screening services that have helped to detect disease or possible health issues. They currently provide over 1 million screenings per year for early prevention and detection. The detailed reports are read by top notch technicians with board certified physicians. Some of the screens that are included with Life Line Screening help detect atrial fibrillation, peripheral arterial diseases and abdominal aortic aneurysm. In conclusion to their growth throughout the years and their enhancement with technology, Life Line Screening is also accredited Better Business Bureau. They have been BBB recommended since October 1st, 1996, and continue to provide dedicated, thorough and committed services for many years.

In addition to their success as a company, they have partnered with numerous insurance companies to aid in the billing process for patients. They fully understand that insurance can be complicated and hard to understand, that’s why they are there to make the processes smooth and easy.

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Life Line Screening:Offering Effective Minimally-Invasive Tests

Prevention and wellness company Life Line Screening offers community-based health screening services throughout the United States and worldwide. Founded in Florida in 1993 by Timothy Phillips and Colin Scully, the company has performed more than 8 million health screenings and now averages about a million screenings each year. A privately run company, Life Line Screen provides a wide range of medical screening tests for adults. Their services are fast, painless and effective and the test results can alert people to health problems they have or are in danger of developing.

Some of the tests Life Line Screening offers include atrial fibrillation screening, ultrasound scans, electrocardiographs, finger-stick blood testing and many other minimally invasive procedures. These screenings can provide early detection of conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels, inflammation, peripheral arterial disease, abdominal aortic aneurysm, cardiovascular disease and many others. Each year the company holds more than 16,000 local community events at which they provide screening services for a small fee.

Life Line Screening has partnered with several hospitals, insurance companies and organizations. They include Oxford University, Heritage Valley Health System, Ameriplan, Lake Norman Regional Medical Center, Women in Technology International, Mission Hospital, Carolina Vascular and MCM Solutions. Life Line Screening is also very active in medical research and have conducted clinical studies using data gathered from over 3 million patients. In addition to the United States, they perform screening services in the U.K. and Australia. The company has Better Business Bureau accreditation and an A+ rating.

One of the many benefits of the screening tests performed by Life Line Screening is that they enable people to identify potential health problems very early. This enables people to make the necessary lifestyle changes to prevent dangerous health conditions from developing. The test results also enable people to meet with their physicians and begin a course of effective treatment as early as possible. For many people, that can improve the quality of their lives and save them the pain and expense of dealing with debilitating health problems. Everyone can benefit from the information the tests offered by Life Line Screening provide.

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Copa Star Hospital Shows Commitment to Excellence

Copa Star Hospital is a leading medical center in Rio de Janeiro. Located in a very-well recognized part of the region known as Copacabana, the hospital has been servicing new patients since October 2016.

The newly spacious center is now open and offers patients access to world-renowned medical professionals.

Achieving the level of care in which Copa Star Hospital has been able to reach in such a short time takes an extraordinary amount of dedication to those efforts. The hospital has been able to remain focused on patient care while they’ve undertaken the enormous task of implementing the project. The hospital invested $1 million to build a facility that was designed to reach the technological standards of an advanced society. It takes a great commitment to provide assurances to the community in which they serve. The objective of Copa Star Hospital is to continue with a mission of proving quality-care and they have managed to achieve that result with an outcome of excellence.

Copa Star Hospital is already being recognized in the region and world-wide for their advanced technology. The smart technology advancement within the hospital is indicative of reaching levels beyond the capacity of what would be expected for a 21 thousand square meter hospital. Everything technologically imaginable to assist in the treatment of their patients has been considered. Technology advancement is a consistent theme on every floor of the hospital.

With a capacity of 150 beds and 105 rooms Copa Star Hospital provides a wide-range level of care to its patients throughout the community and has shown a commitment to helping those in need.

They have exceeded the expectations in meeting quality service standards and they have maintained a high level of excellence in delivering comprehensive, patient-centered care. All physicians are dedicated to providing quality-care that is focused primarily on the patient. Patients have access to physicians that are attentive and bring a broad range of robust-agile treatment.

The Copa Star Hospital commitment to excellence is both impressive and unmatched by any other hospital. It has met the high expectations of the community of Copacabana. The staff has gone beyond the needs of the community by exploring a level of care that is unprecedented and completely above an industry standard.

The impressive high standard of care has been an enormous achievement by the efforts of the employees of Copa Star Hospital and their medical team.

When the patients arrive at the Copa Star Hospital, they might actually feel as though they’re walking into a five-star hotel and not a hospital. That might not be the intent for why the hospital was designed in the manner it was, however, there is little doubt that Copa Star Hospital being compared to a five-star hotel is anything but excellence. Follow Copa Star Hospital in

InnovaCare Health – Top Medicare Plans Provider and Medical Practice Consultant

Innovacare Health is known around the world for many different reasons, all of which are related to the company being one of the top medicare providers in the country – specifically in Puerto Rico. They have been consulted with regarding many health issues that ordinary people in the country face, and have as such been chosen on the basis of experience. With so many years of experience, the company is able to improve on it’s great track record of being able to do many things for their physician and patient clients alike. They are a great company which is a model of what can be done in order to improve the medicare system on for the better in the long run.

At the forefront of the company is the talented leaders whom are responsible for the success of InnovaCare. The President and CEO of the company has both MD and MBA degrees in addition to 20 years in the healthcare management field. Rick Shinto was formerly a chief operating officer of a medical management company, so he is able to contribute years upon years of experience to his field of medicine. He has also performed research in the field of healthcare and quality improvement.

InnovaCare also has many affiliates, and as such the company has earned a lot of commendation from many groups which certify quality. One such group is the NCQA which certifies companies across the US for quality standards. The company was able to successfully meet the organization’s standards in terms of ensuring that there is a high quality operation being implemented at InnovaCare by Penelope Kokkinides. This nonprofit has the highest standards in measuring results and tracking quality based on the standards that they lay out. NCQA accreditation is the highest level of accreditation possible in the healthcare field, and accreditation by this organization is certainly very respectable. Read more about Penelope at

InnovaCare has quickly become the biggest provider of healthcare services in Puerto Rico. The company seeks to build relationships with providers and innovate in terms of health strategies. Outcomes are a serious consideration for the company, and they seek to promote the best lifestyles for the amount of money that they invest in their care practices. They are also aligned with the goals of Medicare in cost reduction as well as quality improvement. For that reason, the company has been trusted by Medicare to provide recommendations for health improvement and quality improvement.


Dr. Jennifer Walden Comes Home to Austin

Dr. Jennifer Walden represents a small portion of American career women that have managed to have it all. She is a beautiful and successful surgeon that has risen in her career field. She moved up the ranks in the world of plastic surgeons. Dr. Jennifer Walden has been able to prove that she is more than capable of the surgical work that she does. Walden trained in New York City, and she had a very successful practice in the Manhattan area. It would be her desire to have a family and a support system that would lead her back to her hometown of Austin.

Walden came from a family of 5 siblings. Her mother was a nurse and her father was a dentist. The positions that her parents held would fuel her desire to enter into the world of medicine. During her career she would stay focused and determined to achieve her goals and build a successful career as a plastic surgeon. Walden wasn’t really into the dating scene because she was so focused on her career. She would make a decision to have children through in-vitro fertilization as she entered her late thirties.

As a published author Walden has been able to provide her insight on the plastic surgery field. She is an award-winning surgeon that has been able to prove herself time and time again. Her ability to stay focused on her career would help her reestablish herself when she decided to move back to Austin. Her mother is there and her support system of family would be stronger. This is what prompted her decision to return. She has been very successful in her career because she has a good support team to help her with taking care of her children.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has said that she wants to inspire lots of other female med-students with the trail that she has blazed. Her life has been one of stellar accomplishments that many people would envy. She has proven herself to be a great doctor. Walden is an inspiration and true leader in the career field she chose.
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