Rocketship Education plans for the new property on 1700 Cavallo Road

Rocketship Education recently acquired a 25,000-square-foot area along 1700 Cavallo Road. This institution plans to build a two-story building that will serve as a classroom for children from grade K to 5.

Rocketship Education acquires a facility

This property was acquired by a Redwood City-based organization for $1.5 million on behalf of the school. During the announcement of the purchase, Elise Hill, the manager of Rocketship Education said that the charter schools are mandated to provide children living in dangerous neighborhoods with better education. According to Elle Hill, low-income areas generate less tax revenue, which affects education funding. It is for the reason that Rocketship Education ensures that such regions have some of the best schools in the country.

Rocketship Education plans to enhance security for the school going children once the school is built. As part of the security measures, the school will have a fence and parents would be expected buzz through the gate. Additionally, parents would be expected to provide identification when picking their children from school. The new property will also be fitted with motion detectors and alarms to prevent entry of burglars into the facility. Rocketship Education is a facility that not only provides education but has high regard for security measures.

About Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education takes care of children from low-income families and increases their access to quality education. Rocketship Education enables children to have access to better schools where they can learn, be empowered, and inspired. This group endeavors to seal that achievement gap that exists in life. Rocketship Education is unique in the sense that it provides personalized learning, actively engages parents, and works with excellent leaders and tutors. This institution believes that every student is different and requires customized learning solutions.

Rocketship Education was launched in 2007 at Bay Area. Currently, this group operates more than 18 schools in parts of Milwaukee, Washington DC, Nashville, and Bay Area. Rocketship Education was unveiled by Preston Smith and John Danner who work as the schools’ administrators. This institution has more than 1,000 employees, including the teaching and the non-teaching staff. Rocketship Education operates on grants donated to them by well-wishers.