Securus Technologies- the World’s Leading Information Provider

Securus Technologies is known to be the largest provider of services for detainees. It is also the provider of technology to help deal with insecurity and protect the innocent citizens. Due to their high end service provision, they are known to serve in over 45 states. They have over 2,600 correctional facilities. With hundreds of technology and information providers available globally, their services have not been compared to services of any other providers. They are able to attend to emergencies, they do this by connecting emergency dispatchers, correction facilities being provided with means to deal with critical information, and ensuring that information is sourced in depth.


What Makes Securus Different

They have modern technology that keeps evolving. Every other week, they come up with new applications that are centred on improving the security. The company Securus does not just hire people for their work. They have more than 2,200 corrections agencies and law enforcement that give standard information. Securus Technologies is unique because they are the largest information provider that handles this particular issues of crimes and improve security. Finally, Securus are dedicated to innovate. Their aim is to reach out and to correct that which has been an issue. Most importantly, they value the lives of the innocent and ensure they are fully protected.


How Securus Technologies Improve The Correctional System.

Securus is a well-established technology company that is based in Texas. The company plays a key role in providing communication services to correctional facilities. Securus provides its services not only to American correctional facilities but also Canadian correctional facilities. The company is keen on ensuring that inmates can communicate with their loved ones. The most important aspect of the services that Securus offers is the fact that the company ensures that communication going on in the prisons is within the law.

Securus is also known to invest heavily in patents and acquisitions. Reports have shown that Securus has spent over 600 million Dollars in patents and acquisitions. Securus also has over the years partnered with other companies. These partnerships have resulted in the creation of state of the art technology. One of its most notable partnerships was with Harris Corporation, and together they created the phenomenal service named “cell defender.” Using cell defender prison staff can stop contraband phones from being used in the facilities by barring their connectivity to mobile networks. The technology Securus provides greatly improved the living conditions of both inmates and prison staff.

PR Newswire has in the recent past reported that Securus develops new technology every week in a bid to help fight crime. According to PR Newswire, Securus has received praise from members of the law enforcement for its dedication. They also went ahead to sample some of the mail sent to Securus by its clients. According to one of the writers, technology offered by Securus has played a big role in ensuring that criminal activities within prisons have been reduced to a manageable level. Another writer commended its technology because it has greatly reduced cases of drug abuse within the prisons.

One prison staff wrote to Securus about how its technology has been instrumental in fighting corruption in their facility. Generally, writers thanked Securus because its technology has greatly helped reduce security risks. This is because the security risks are able to be detected early enough.


Customers Are Adamant On Preventing Telecommunications Threat

Securus Technologies is now trusted worldwide with a certification 1 that allows them to expand their correctional communications network to a global forefront. They were once an inmate network regulating provider with top surveillance and monitoring equipment. Their customers have the ability to maximize their inmate calling network features to save money and stay connected to the ones they love. Securus Technologies prides themselves in having a live customer service assistance with a friendly and knowledgeable professional. You get more features that allow you to talk more and spend far less. You never have to worry about dropped calls in comparison to other networks because they pride themselves in providing a secure network for their customers.


Securus believes that combating criminal activity must exceed incarceration. Ironically, their customers used their innovative technology features and reported a corrupt staff member. The security threat was quickly caught and the employee reprimanded accordingly. Customers were glad that they weren’t under any threat of having a cost increase in their services. Securus is always willing to listen to customer feedback in order to protect their services and keep their rates competitive for customers. They also offer a large number of inmate calling features that have become very popular.


Securus Technologies Inmate Calling Features


Video Visitation


Talk to the ones you love securely over the internet with a high definition video. You get complete control over the video and the sound with a few clicks of onscreen controls.


Internet Photos


Inmate’s can now, get photos from the ones they love over the internet for a small fee per photo package. The photos must be approved by the facility before they are processed to an inmate.


You’re invited to visit the Securus Technologies website to learn more about their features today.



Communication During the Christmas Season Using Securus

If you are part of a prison family, you probably already know the hardship that comes during the Christmas season when you would otherwise be spending a lot of time with your family and friends. It can be very difficult to go through the holiday season knowing that one of your own is behind bars. One of the best ways to encourage more communication with the whole family is to use a good quality video visitation service that can be only known as Securus.


Securus has been around for a while now with thousands of prison families utilizing its services each and every day. During the holiday and Christmas season, this particular service gets even more use because so many people want to be able to have great communication with their loved ones who just so happened to be behind bars and cannot necessarily come home for the holidays as many other people might be able to. Using Securus changed the way I view communication with one of my relatives as well and it also allowed my entire family to have a more enjoyable Christmas season because we were able to keep in touch with that individual.


The Christmas season can otherwise be very daunting for prison families because they may not have the time or money to be able to go and actually visit the prison itself to see their relatives. This might cause you to forego the trip to the prison and it can also weaken the morale of your loved one who might be behind bars because they are no longer seeing you on a regular basis. It can benefit just about anyone involved to utilize Securus for all that it is able to do for you and this is why so many individuals have made use of this option for themselves each and every day.


Whether you are choosing to use Securus specifically for the Christmas season or you would like to begin using it each and every day to have better communication with your loved one, this is a service that you will find to be incredibly beneficial and quite affordable depending on what your budget is able to include. The most important thing for you to do is to learn more about Securus to see what you can do as far as downloading it and beginning to use it in your everyday life and setting it up with a prison in your local area where you can communicate with your loved one.


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Securus helps Louisiana Prisoners to Find Loved Ones after Massive Flooding

The flooding that took place within Louisiana back in August of 2016 has left parts of the state devastated. Many people lost their homes, possessions and their livelihood during the disaster. Most people might not realize this but many prisoners locked away inside of jails were also impacted by the flood. Inmates at various correctional facilities within the flood zone could not get a hold of their loved ones or family.


The Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections (LA DOC) decided to initiate some type of action to help incarcerated inmates to find their family members. Remember that prisoners had to be evacuated away from the flooded areas. Communications systems were knocked out everywhere and this made it difficult for anyone to keep in touch; especially prisoners.


So LA DOC decided to team up with Securus to help prisoners to contact their family. As a part of this deal, Securus decided to give all inmates at least one free call a day starting on September 1 and lasting through September 7. Many inmates appreciate the service and they have used it to locate missing family members.


Securus spent about $300,000 on this project and is prepared to give more monetary assistance for inmates. As a matter of fact, this organization has donated a cash contribution of $50,000 to the inmate welfare fund at Louisiana Department of Corrections. This money would be used to further assist inmates who are a part of the system.


I honestly believe that Securus is providing useful help to people in need. Let’s face it. Inmates are probably some of the neediest people on this Earth. Regardless of their past crimes, they still are people who should have help when it is needed. I thank Securus for stepping up and getting the job done. You can find out more about Securus and their efforts with helping inmates to find their love ones on the PR Newswire website.