USHEALTH Advisors, Providers of World Class Health and Life Insurance

USHEALTH Advisors is responsible for the marketing of the USHEALTH Group. It specializes in selling an extensive portfolio of comprehensive health and life insurance coverage plans that are insured and underwritten by insurance companies under the USHEALTH Group. The company’s target market is individual Americans, self-employed entrepreneurs, small business owners and their employees. It has been in operation for more than 35 years. USHEALTH Advisors and the USHEALTH Group along with the host of associated companies are specialists in catering for the diverse requirements of the individual healthcare market. The mix of products on offer gives ample opportunity to support the increasing needs of individual insurance buyers as healthcare costs continue to rise.

The company’s product portfolio assures affordability and reliability. USHEALTH Advisors are available to help whether a person requires coverage to cater to everyday health-related expenses or just wants peace of mind in case they encounter severe medical emergencies in the future. With decades of experience in the healthcare insurance industry and a customer base that stands at more than 15 million individuals, USHEALTH Advisors offers customers an unmatched combination of innovation and experience. Learn more about USHealth Advisor at

About USHEALTH Advisors Insurance

USHEALTH Advisors and its parent company the USHEALTH Group alongside their licensed health insurance companies provide world class coverage to insured individuals. It includes life, dental, specified illness, critical illness, and accident insurance. USHEALTH Advisors along with their associated group of companies provide a comprehensive portfolio of health insurance plans that allow insured individuals to tailor their coverage to fit their specific requirements. Decades of collective experience in the healthcare sector means that the USHEALTH Group of companies are innovators, offering flexible, secure and affordable plans for the insured and their families.

Award Winning Corporate Social Responsibility Efforts

USHEALTH Group, the parent company of USHEALTH Advisors, is not only an award winning provider of healthcare financing solutions to the US market but is also noted as a socially conscious organization. The group’s Social Responsibility initiative was announced as a Gold Winner in the prestigious 2017 CEO World Awards. The award recognizes global achievements in leadership, organizational performance, products and services and corporate social responsibility.

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Freedom Life Insurance

Choose The Best Life Insurance For Your Needs

It is nornal to have questions when shopping for life insurance. It is important to purchase the correct life insurance for your needs. There are two distinctly different types of life insurance. The first type is term life insurance, and the second is permanent life insurance.

Term life insurance is exactly what the name suggests. It is insurance that is bought for a specific amount of time. For example, you want to purchase life insurance for your newborn baby and you want the policy to cover them until they reach the age of 18, this is when you would purchase a term life policy. Learn more at about Freedom Life Insurance.

Repaying debt is another example of when a term life insurance policy would be beneficial. If you have a certain debt that will be completely paid by a certain time, you can by an insurance policy that expands that period of time.

Money is the third reason to purchase a term policy. If you are short on funds, but still need a life insurance policy, a term policy may be your answer. The policy will cover your death as long as you die during the term of the policy. The coverage ends when the term of the policy ends, so it is imporant to renew the policy.

There are many factors to think about when choosing your term life policy and insurance companies, such as Freedom Life Insurance, are the place to start to get your answers. An agent from Freedom Life Insurance, however, may suggest a permanent life policy instead.

The factors for choosing a permanent policy include wanting a policy that will cover you for as long as you live. A permanent policy also builds equity. This equity can be borrowed against in a time of need. It still needs to be paid back, but it is an easier process than trying to secure a traditonal loan.

Freedom Life Insurance agents have the knowledge to answer all your questions. Life insurance is a serious investment. They will help you find a policy to meet your needs. Check:


The Humanitarian Concern of USHEALTH Advisors

USHEALTH Groups is the parent company for USHEALTH Advisors which deals with insurance in the healthcare market. USHEALTH Advisors are excited when their customers thrive. Their operation is in all honesty and is always ready to assist and walk with you to success. It has achieved a lot improving individuals, families, businesses and corporate entities economic stability. Their portfolio of products has innovative top choices effective in building reliability, flexibility, and affordability in the insurance industry.

The Freedom Life Insurance Company of America together with the National Foundation Life Insurance has worked for hand in hand devising sustainable and comprehensive plans to their customers so that their life is protected and social benefits in latter days assured. USHEALTH has customized services fit for low to high-income earners. See more updates on Twitter.

Health coverage includes but is not limited to short-term accident disability income, income protector, term life insurance, accident cover, terminal and acute diseases. USHEALTH Advisors are committed to establishing long-term relationships with mutual benefits to the company and its customers. To its employees (agents and advisors), USHEALTH gives a warm workplace environment through offering competitive compensation, support, training, and development. This has built a motivated workforce with subsequently translates to increase productivity and company growth generally.

About USHEALTH Advisors

USHEALTH Advisors is a marketing company of insurance products based in Fort Worth, Texas the head office quarters. It was established in 2009 with a workforce of about 200 employees. However, the USHEALTH group has been offering individual healthcare for over 35 years now. Growth felt is reflected in its every growing customer base which is more than 15 million people.

This success is attributed to the value and respect they give to their customers. They try understanding their needs, guide them choose the best plan and walk with them until, in case of a peril, the claim is paid back. USHEALTH Advisors practice insurance professionally; Better Business Bureau gave the company A+ rating.

Performance merit award and the USHEALTH Advisors have consistently been awarded for good work. In 2016, the company received four awards. This year under the category of Best Product Innovation, Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative, Sales and Customer Service and Troy McQuagge Honored Winner awards were taken by USHEALTH Advisors.

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USHEALTH CEO Troy McQuagge Receives A Prestigious Business Award

Perhaps one of the greatest honors that a business professional can experience is having the pleasure of being given an accolade by their peers. Oftentimes business people work tireless hours doing thankless jobs that keep large corporations running and that drive economic growth that many people benefit from. When people work diligently it can often feel as though their work goes unnoticed because the work that is necessary to be a competent business person or employee is not something that is continually on display the way the talents of people who work in the entertainment industry are. Awards are a great way to encourage professionals in a given industry to strive for excellence and to maintain a high standard of work. The process that is involved in organizing an awards ceremony for an industry can be a great way for professionals to network with one another and to build and strengthen relationships in a professional community that may even possibly result in the creation of new businesses and partnerships. But most importantly professional accolades and awards ceremonies that are meant to honor business professionals are a great way to make other professionals to feel like the critical work that they are doing is appreciated and important. Read more about Troy McQuagge at

Recently the awards giving body that is known as the One Planet Awards decided to recognize professionals that have achieved a high level of excellence in their given field. In 2016 one of the many professionals that the One Planet Awards decided to recognize for their work as a professional is the American health insurance executive Troy McQuagge. Troy McQuagge currently serves as the chief executive officer and president of the health insurance company that is known as USHEALTH Group, Inc.. Troy McQuagge’s work at USHEALTH Group, Inc. often involves him having to provide leadership to thousands of insurance professionals and ensuring that USHEALTH Group, Inc. remains competitive in a business world that is poised to change as often as the wind blows.

Through his diligent leadership Troy McQuagge has been able to lead USHEALTH Group, Inc. towards an era of success. It was this work that led to Troy McQuagge being recognized by the One Planet Awards as the 2016 Gold CEO of the Year Award. The award is given to professionals who demonstrate excellence in their field. Troy was up against other executives that lead companies that are based all around the world. According to a report Troy McQuagge noted that he believed that the award belonged not only to himself but to all of his employees and the entire team at USHEALTH Group, Inc. Troy McQuagge seems to recognize that no business person can achieve success by themselves rather they need the help and collaboration of an effective team in order to reach important strategic objectives.

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It is Important to Know How To Choose the Right Kind of Life Insurance

Life insurance is an important product for people to understand and know how to apply it to their personal situation. Life insurance is a product unlike any other because an individual can create an instant estate with a stroke of a pen and very little financial outlay as compared with the payoff should that individual die.

There are two different forms of life insurance that people need to understand. Term life insurance covers a person for a “term” or a number of years, then it expires. Because of the short nature of the life of the policy itself, the pricing is the least expensive of the products. Freedom Life Insurance offers both of these options.

Permanent life insurance lasts for the whole of the person’s lifetime, thus the alternate name of “whole life.” Permanent life insurance, or whole life lasts until an individual is age 100, and then it “endows” or pays the owner of the policy an amount of money equal to the death benefit, also called the face amount of the policy.

A whole life policy also has a cash value that accumulates inside of the policy. This is actually a reserve that is kept and added to each year to offset the growing mortality possibility each year of the insured dying. The cash value can be borrowed from time to time and repaid. If the insured dies while there is an outstanding loan, then the death benefit is simply reduced by the amount of the outstanding loan.

The cash value can also be made available if the owner surrenders the policy back to the insurance company and then the cash value is paid to the policy owner. Premiums for permanent policies remain the same, while term life premiums will increase as a person gets older.

Most insurance planners, such as Freedom Life Insurance agents will incorporate both term and permanent coverage so as to take advantage of the low price of the term to provide lots of coverage, and the guarantees of the permanent policy to have some insurance coverage when an insured person gets older.

Term life coverage is usually used when a young family requires lots of death benefit, and permanent coverage is required as a person gets older for burial insurance coverage. Your Freedom Life Insurance agent can design just the right plan to fit the needs of families and businesses.  Read more on Freedom Life Insurance:


The Tenure of Troy McQuagge at USHEALTH Advisors

Troy McQuagge is the Chief Executive Officer of USHEALTH Group. He was recently named the CEO of the year in the coveted One Planet Awards that honors professionals and entrepreneurs in different industries around the globe. Organizations from all over the world including non-profit organizations, public and private firms, and start-ups are eligible to submit nominations. Shortly after joining USHEALTH Group in 2010, Mr. McQuagge focused on rebuilding its distribution agency, USHEALTH Advisors. Mr. McQuagge’s success with reviving USHEALTH Advisors led to his appointment as the President and CEO of USHEALTH Group in 2014.

USHEALTH Group registered unprecedented growth and success during the tenure of Troy McQuagge. Mr. McQuagge feels pleased for receiving such an esteemed award and peer recognition from One Planet Award. He attributes the award to the success of everyone at USHEALTH Group. The award affirms USHEALTH Group’s commitment to solving problems of healthcare affordability by providing innovative insurance plans that grow as your healthcare needs increase.

About One Planet Awards

The award honors entrepreneurs and professionals for their excellence in their industries. The awards are currently conferred in categories such as marketing, corporate communication, new products and services, organizations, executives, and teams from around the world.

Educational Background

Troy McQuagge holds a Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies from the Central Florida University. Besides his role at USHEALTH Group, he partners with institutions such as Trinity Habitat for Humanity, Phoenix of New Orleans, and Hope Kids Phoenix. Troy McQuagge started his career in 1995 working at Allstate, an insurance firm based in the United States. He has worked in similar managerial positions in companies such as Student Insurance Division and Freedom Life Insurance of America. He later joined UICI Insurance Agency as the president. In 1997, Troy left for UGA and helped the company to experience single sales records. Besides, he is an expert on business administration, product design, strategic planning, and a master of reinvention.

Troy McQuagge joined USHEALTH Group in 2010. Here, he was responsible for restricting the company’s operations. Troy McQuagge’s hard work and commitment led to his appointment as the company’s CEO and chairman. Hard work and determination allowed Mr. McQuagge to hone his leadership skills. Mr. Troy McQuagge’s impressive educational background helped him to excel in other fields rather than the health industry. He is an expert in accounting, banking, finance and many other industries.

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Following His Excellent Legacy at USHEALTH Group, Troy McQuagge Fitted Well for the 2016 CEO of the Year Award

The One Planet Awards named Troy McQuagge, USHEALTH Group’s CEO, as the 2016 Gold Winner in the CEO of the year category. The highly desired Awards honor outstanding performances manifested by professionals and businesses across industries from nominees taken from all over the globe. The awards recognize several categories, such as new products and services, marketing and corporate communications, public relations, executive teams and organizations and read full article.

Fit for the Honor

Troy was happy to dedicate his award to all the key players at USHEALTH Group. He was overjoyed, terming the whole experience as an honor. He added that the award was an evidence of the dedication that the whole team at USHEALTH exudes in providing the most affordable and unprecedented healthcare solutions. Troy McQuagge has been a keen key player at USHEALTH since he joined in 2010. His first accomplishment was to remodel USHEALTH Advisors, the distribution arm of the company, which led to his promotion to his current position of the senior manager. With Troy at the helm, USHEALTH Group has continued to command the very competitive health insurance arena. The company has recorded high profitability, which shows Troy’s high competence and Troy on Facebook.

About USHEALTH Group

USHEALTH Group through its affiliates provides self-employed individuals and small businesses with affordable healthcare insurance plans. The Fort Worth-based firm capitalizes on its well able human resource and agents in marketing its unique covers. The firm endeavors to offer their clients top-notch customer care, making it the most outstanding in its line of business and learn more about Troy.

About Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge exudes confidence drawn from his 30 years involvement in multiple businesses at different levels, such as startups, turnarounds, and high growths. He is highly experienced in leadership, communication, and team coordination that result to the much-desired overall growth.

Troy joined USHEALTH Advisors in 2010 as the executive head where he was mandated with overseeing the firm’s overall operations. He was later named the CEO of USHEALTH Group Inc. Prior to this, Troy McQuagge worked with HealthMarket, heading the Agency Marketing Group as the President. Troy has been a volunteer for many non-profit organizations, such as Semper Fi Fund, Hope Kids Phoenix, and Trinity Habitat for Humanity.

Ushealth Group; Look No Further for Affordable and Reliable Insurance Covers

USHEALTH group is comprised of several companies who provide health care coverage for people. They give a wide range of products which makes it easier for the clients to choose the most appropriate cover that matches their needs. This ensures that people are in a position to choose covers that fully meet their needs as opposed to those that closely match their wants. The group has over fifty years of experience making them a better option since they have been in the market and knows the trends from time to time. The group offers flexible solutions to people at affordable prices making it easy for a majority of people to access these covers.

USHEALTH group also offers covers for specific diseases, for critical illnesses as well as for emergency accidents. The organization is all rounded and one shopping stop for people who need the insurance covers against any risk. The mission of the organization is to help people everyday which translates into “HOPE”. It ensures that the mission is lived in the lives of people who interact with the institution such as clients, staffs and management. The most outstanding aspects of this organization is the affordability and reliability of the products that ensure people can count on the organization when they need help. They help people on one time coverage or against the day to day risks that face people. The outstanding innovation and modification brought into the products is a remarkable aspect that makes the organization a better choice for the majority and more information click here.

The organization offers coverage for families ensuring that they are covered against all any misfortune that may affect them in future. First for the families the insurance has a health cover that helps the client meet health and budgetary needs. One of the covers available in this category is the specified disease or sickness cover. The cover in this case, serves well for people with terminal diseases ensuring that their medical expenses are considered during that period. The second is the accident cover that takes care of people when they are involved in accidents in their day to day operations. It ensures that people are in a position to get good health care when they are involved in accidents.

Critical illness is another cover in the family health insurance that ensures people are covered against all diseases. In addition to the above life insurance cover is also available making it easy for people to live a stress free life. Under the family insurance, dental cover is also available to cater for the teeth problems that people have. Short term medical surgical cover is provided to cover people in the minor surgeries. Based on the above information it is evident that USHEALTH has the needs of families covered.

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Vinny Parascandola is upholding the supremacy of AXA Advisors, LLC

AXA Advisors, LLC is one the leading and most trustworthy insurance firms with a prestigious heritage. It actually represents AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company as a broker or dealer as well as a retail distribution channel. It has made an unprecedented reputation for itself as the leading financial protection company providing annuity products and life insurance in the USA through its headquarter based in New York.

It caters to a diversified range of customers with its innovative advisory services focused on financial protection and investment according to client’s specific need. They have thousands of clients in the country, and their specialize in a vast area including but not limiting to retirement, asset allocation, education, business and estate planning and much more. As a part of Global AXA Group, AXA Advisors LLC has been upholding the legacy of this conglomerate for decades, and it was made possible through the contributions of its dedicated staff including Vincent Parascandola or Vinny Parascandola.

Vinny is now serving as the Senior Executive Vice President (SEVP) at AXA Advisors, LLC and he is bestowed with key operations of this organization that includes sales, recruitment, management development. He has been a key contributor to the immense success of this organization and also responsible for developing a pool of fresh and experienced financial professionals. With his contributions to AXA Advisors and an impressive career of 25 years, Vinny has become a living legend in his forte.

Vinny started his career in 1987 as an agent in Prudential. After serving here for three years, he joined MONY Life Insurance Company and served here in different key management positions till 2004. Vinny has been working with AXA since 2005, and he started his journey as Vice President of AXA Equitable and also served as President of its different divisions between 2008 to 2014. Before his appointment as SEVP in AXA US in 2014, he also served as the Chief Sales Officer and President of AXA Continental Division. He has a Bachelor of Science degree from Pace University and has was honored with a number of awards for his excellence in leadership.