New Zealand Taxes Are Open, Not Free

Geoffrey Cone is a global attorney who knows a lot about New Zealand. The number one thing that he wants to pass onto his clients is that the taxes in New Zealand are not free, they are open for people to view but they are not completely obsolete.


There is a standard by which other countries measure tax transparency and New Zealand is usually what people judge other countries on who claim to be tax transparent. This means that other countries compare themselves to New Zealand and the way that things work in the country. This has led to the country being used as an example so that they will be able to do different things when it comes to being open about the taxes that are in the countries. New Zealand is the leader in what tax transparency should look like.


While New Zealand is completely open about the taxes that are in the country that they are in, they are not one of the countries that are considered to be a tax haven. Tax havens are countries that have no taxes or taxes that are so minimal that they would not make a difference even for people who made a lot of money. This is something that New Zealand has never been and something that they will never be in the future because of the way that the tax system is set up in the country and because of the different things that there are in the country.


Even though New Zealand is not tax-free, Geoffrey Cone likes to talk about other countries that are tax havens. These countries boast very low taxes or no taxes at all. This is something that people are able to enjoy if they make a lot of money and something that will allow them the chance to make sure that they are doing things the right way for their country. It has allowed them the chance to make sure that they are living in a country that does not require them to pay a lot of taxes and does not make things hard on them.


Geoffrey Cone is confident that he can advise people to do different things because of his global status as an attorney. He has had many clients who come to him for help on the tax areas that they are in. He wants to make sure that everyone is able to get what they want out of moving to a different country. While the people mainly want to move to other countries because of tax reasons, Geoff Cone is able to help people who are moving to different countries for any reason that they see as a good one.