Chris Burch Created an Island Paradise with Nihiwatu

Chris Burch’s Nihiwatu is one of the most exclusive resorts in Indonesia. In fact, it was named the top hotel in the world by a leisure magazine. This is because the resort has grown to include different people and ideas that no other resorts are able to include. It is what has set the resort apart from other island destinations and has made it one of the top resorts in the world. Nihiwatu continues to wow visitors with the things the resort has available. Chris Burch intended for the resort to be one of the best when he first opened it.  More to read on

Since Chris Burch has always been a purveyor of excellence, he knew a resort would be one of the best things that could happen to the small Indonesian island. While not completely uninhabited, it is a remote island that has villages dotted throughout. The coast on which the resort is now sitting on is a location that is not quite as inhabited as other areas of the island. Visiting it allows people the chance to feel like they are on their own island at a deluxe location where they can enjoy different things.  More of the island resort in this article on

Nihiwatu is just a long list of many successful things Chris Burch has done. He is the creator of Tory Burch which has blown up in the fashion world. The Tory Burch flats are iconic and Chris Burch knew what he was doing with the company long before he had a chance to be successful. It was a huge part of what made him the best of the best. It also helped him to grow the fashion industry in a way that nobody else had ever been able to do. Nihiwatu was just another example of the success Chris Burch has had in everything he does. Read investor details and timeline activity updates, head over to this.

Since he is so good at business, Chris Burch feels he needs to constantly expand his portfolio. He tries to always help other people with the things he is doing which is what has made him the best of the best. While Nihiwatu is a completely different venture from what Chris Burch has ever gone one, it continues to be successful in different types of business similar to the things he is doing in other areas. Chris Burch knows how to run a business so it would be absurd to think Nihiwatu would be any different from the other companies he runs.  For a look at his diverse investment, click on

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