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The business world can be demanding and unforgiving but for someone who is born to succeed in that world, the challenge can be met. Chris Burch is such a person. From the time he was a youngster, working with his dad, Chris learned the valuable lesson of hard work pays off. He expanded on this lesson as he developed into his own man.

Burch attended Ithaca College where he pursued a business degree. The most important event to happen to him was not the classwork but instead it was a small business called, “Eagle Eye Apparel.” This was a startup business that he began with a friend where they invested $2000. The two young men sold sweaters to students on campus and in the neighborhood around Ithaca. This business is where Chris Burch learned the skills of knowing your customers and developed his life-long habit of “reading” the market and what people want. Burch eventually sold this first business for $60 million dollars.

As Burch matured, he expanded his portfolio to include such businesses as Poppin, Cocoon9 and ED with Ellen Degeneres. Burch is a success story as an entrepreneur and his 40-year career included interests in fashion, real estate, hotels and resorts. For a look at his impressive investment portfolio, check   He has also been recognized as one of leading philanthropist and international hotelier. Burch’s successes have placed him on the Forbes list of billionaires.  Hop over to for a related article.

Chris Burch attributes his success to hard work and always being on the move. He has been involved with over 50 companies and his passion is to be an example and mentor to others who want to enter the business world. His expertise in many fields is only matched by his uncanny discernment of what customers want.  Click this for an additional article

One of Burch’s proudest accomplishments is his luxury resort in Southeast Asia, Nihi Sumba. This exotic getaway boasts 27 villas built with teak wood and natural stone around palm trees. Nihi Sumba is dedicated to ensuring guests have a one of a kind travel destination. Secluded in a remote area of Indonesia, guests can take exciting tours through the nearby jungle; boat rides and high dives from the amazing cliffs.  Read more about the resort on

Burch is also active as a philanthropist who set up the Sumba Foundation and has been active in the Child Welfare League of Chine. He has also sponsored medical training at NYU in the United States. Chris Burch is dedicated to making the world a better place, with beautiful resorts and a compassionate heart.  For his recent timeline activity update, hit

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How Fashion Mogul and Billionaire Chris Burch Built His Business Empire

There are not many professionals who can say that they have earned the titles of fashion mogul and billionaire but Christopher Burch is one of those professionals. Chris Burch is perhaps best known for helping to launch one of American fashion’s most iconic women’s wear brands but many people probably do not know that he was in the fashion business for decades before he ever helped to lead a company that was able to show its collections at New York Fashion Week.  Take a closer look at his list of diverse investment, hit on

Like many entrepreneurs Chris Burch started out as a plucky young person with a dream and an entrepreneurial drive. The entrepreneurship bug first bit him in college. Rather than just spending his time indulging in all of the leisure that college had to offer Chris Burch decided to spend his time as a college student at Ithaca College focusing on building his very first business. He launched a retail business that focused on selling clothing such as sweaters door to door. Chris would often make these sales himself and as a result learned firsthand the amount effort that it took to actually take a business idea that had been percolating in his head and turn into a tangible venture that was able to earn money.   Refer to for a related article.

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Chris Burch’s hard work on his very first business Eagle Eye Apparel would go on to pay off in a major way. According to a report Chris Burch was able to build Eagle Eye Apparel into a strong retail company that eventually go on earn $60 million in revenue. After successfully launching his company Eagle Eye Apparel Chris Burch would not just stop there. He would go on to help a future business partner build a powerful luxury fashion brand that is still successful to this day. Eventually Chris Burch would decide to channel his knack for building powerful consumer brands for female consumers and consumers that had an appreciation for luxury into a parent company that is known as Burch Creative Capital.   Visit the website, check

Burch Creative Capital was able to realize Chris Burch’s passion for developing products that helped consumers create the kinds of wardrobes that they wanted or to fill their homes with beautiful things. The company has served as a way for Burch to bring the expertise that he developed as a young hungry fashion entrepreneur and as the co-founder of a luxury fashion brand and to leverage it to the benefit of a wide array of business partners and business ideas.  Additional article on

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Chris Burch and his Nihiwatu Resort

Chris Burch has founded and also co-founded a number of retail brands that are recognized internationally such as Tory Burch and C Wonder. However, the business mogul has taken his eye of entrepreneurship to a new industry which is hospitality. According to an article published by the business insider, Chris Burch has partnered with a hotelier known as James McBride in buying a beach hostel which is situated in Sumba, an Indonesian island. According to the report, the two business partners spend a whopping $30 million making renovations to the hostel. After completing, they opened the hostel in 2015 as a five-star resort and named it Nihiwatu.

In 2016, the Travel + Leisure named Nihiwatu as the world’s best hotel. Check for this.  While being interviewed in 2015 by the Business Jet Traveler, Chris stated that he purchased the resort for his children and also as a piece of land that he hopes can be preserved and then give back to the local community. He added that the place has a beautiful palette and that there is much to do like having a butler in each room and creating a spa beneath a waterfall. Chris Burch further added that the beach resort turned out better more than he had imagined since it is not always all the time that things turn out well. For more of his insights, read this article on

The Wall Street Journal reported that Chris Burch normally divides his time between Nihiwatu, Miami and The Hamptons. The resort in Indonesia comprises of 27 private villas which include a private home for Chris Burch known as Raja Mendaka. Raja Mendaka has a main house as a well as 4 additional villas with each one of the having a private plunge pool. Nihiwatu has been given the nick name “The Edge of Wilderness” with its name meaning mortar stone. Chris Burch and his partner purchased the hostel from a New Jersey couple in 2012. Ever since, the beach resort has turned out to the biggest local employer in the Sumba Island. Parts of the profits from the hotel are donated to the Sumba Foundation which funds projects so as to assist the community.

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Born on March 1953, Chris Burch works at the Burch Creative Capital where he is the founder as well as the Chief Executive Officer. Burch Creative Capital is a company that is based in New York and is involved in managing venture investments as well as developing brands. Visit the website, check  Chris Burch became a billionaire in 2012 and was featured by Forbes Magazine as one of the Worlds Billionaires. He is also a co-founder of the Tory Burch LLC. Chris Burch established Eagle’s Eye apparel in 1976 together with his brother while he was still studying at the Ithaca College as an undergraduate. He is also involved in the fashion industry and real estate.

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From Food to Finance, Chris Burch Does it All

There are many ways to throw a party. You can either keep it quite and simple or you can pull up the stops and go all out. And when you throw a party in the Hamptons, going all out is the way to do it. Whether it is the furniture, drinks and the food the way to do it is the way chef Andres Morataya does it. This is why when Chris Burch, founder of Burch Creative Capital, turned to Morataya to throw a great beach party at his house in the Hamptons.

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Chef Andres Morataya, a native of Panama, has carved himself a unique niche in the crowded world of cooking. He owns a unique restaurant in his home country, named Panga. What makes this restaurant special is that it follows a farm-to-table approach. The restaurant follows a back-to-basics approach to cooking by staying away from many of the modern methods and equipment many well-known restaurants use. This rudimentary approach to running the restaurant actually in a way happened by accident. When he and his wife first started the restaurant, they couldn’t afford to purchase a lot of the required equipment.

Chris Burch is a self-made entrepreneur who started out soon after leaving college by starting an apparel company with his brother, called Eagles Eye Apparel. The company grew to be worth nearly $165 million before they sold it. Since then, Chris has moved on to be a player in the venture capital world by starting Burch Creative Capital. This firm in a short amount of time gained success by acquiring an impressive portfolio which includes Cocoon9, Nihiwatu and ED by Ellen DeGeneres, to name a few. His investment interests include fashion, real estate, and technology. Industry observers credit Chris’s success to his talent for understanding consumer behavior. In fact, he was one of the earliest investors in Internet Capital Group, back before most people even knew what the internet is!  Take a good look at his impressive portfolio, check

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Recently, Chris along with a friend purchased a rundown resort in Indonesia, on an island called Nihi Sumba Island, and renovated it into a world class beach resort. For the restaurant side of things, Chris invited Chef Morataya to set up one of his old fashion grills. He says that even when putting up this grill at the resort he does not want to modernize it, as it may interfere with his creative approach to cooking.   Related article on

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Fashion Technological Trends to the Future: Chris Burch

The technology industry, as well as the fashion industry, have seen dynamic changes over the years. One constant remains that both industries grow together. However, fashion becomes technologically fashionable when technology becomes fashionable. They way these companies grow together is a fascinating ordeal. A glimpse of the present and the past shades light on what is in place in future.

The 1970s saw a boom of excitement as it allowed users carry around their favorite stations and tunes. Moreover, with one played music containing two cassettes and the other empty cassette forms a back-up record to the other. Its use, going to the 1980s, was included in movie storylines that added its popularity. One would buy a walking experience with Walkman invention. This experience shrieked further when the iPad started creeping ten years later. Whatever one considers fashionable, the technology uses it to grow popularity.

A synthesis of fashion and technology is happening currently. Fashion designers spot a possibility with technological use and delight in creating a delivering design. This makes their new design deliver higher standards of functionality and innovation. Anouk Wipprecht, a designer from Germany, marries fashion and technology. When you dive deeper into technology, you get rewarded with endless fashion possibilities. His designs are known all over the world including the self-painting dress, drink-making dress, and the DareDroid.

While using technology, other fashions will advance to protect us. An airbag pops up from the neckwear to protect us from the impact. One has better visibility of the surrounding when not opened. This is the negative aspect of putting on a helmet.

Notably, fabulous fashion is created when designers recycle materials. Inner bicycle tubes can be recycled to create t-shirts and jackets.

Technology and fashion can be used to set up and harness energy. Newly clothing capture kinetic energy to power such things like mp3 and watches since movement can be changed over to kinetic energy. For additional interesting articles, head over to this

Christopher Burch is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital. The investment philosophy of the company is an expression of his vision and entrepreneurial values for applying imagination, new market opportunities, incubation, creativity, scale, and support, leading to disruptive business and bands that have a positive and direct impact on the lives of consumers. Learn more about him and his diverse investments, click on

In more than four decades as an entrepreneur and investor, Christopher has participated in the rise of more than 50 firms.  Check for an overview of his diverse investments.  He has combined his understanding of consumer behavior with direct and international sourcing experience to build a performance scale of innovation to impact.  More to read on

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