Bob Reina has Taken Technology to a level Many People can only Dream about

Talk Fusion is the brain child of Bob Reina. The company is a leader in video marketing solutions and is utilized by businesses, charities, as well as individuals. Talk Fusion is literally changing the way people connect and interact worldwide. It gives the user to be anywhere at any time and allows communication in real time.


Talk Fusion products have become a marketing tool to help a business grow. The products will help to give the user an edge and the means to communicate more effectively. Talk Fusion technology helps businesses, charities, as well as individuals and organizations find the ability to reach more people quicker and deliver their message in a manner that was not possible before. The overall goal for Talk Fusion is to help people achieve their goals.


 The philosophy of Talk Fusion is to help build futures and give back to communities everywhere in the world. Under Reina’s guidance, Talk Fusion has found great success and as a result the company takes greater responsibility to help others. The team at Talk Fusion is motivated to always strive for bigger and better opportunities for all.


Bob Reina is an entrepreneur who sees life as a learning experience. His approach to business and business solutions is to find a need and then develop a program to fill that need. Reina builds efficiency into the solution and strives to make his products the best they can be. Bob Reina works with a great deal of passion about what he does and his passion is contagious.


Mr. Reina is a man with a vision and the level of commitment to develop that vision is something Reina takes great pride in. He got his start in the world of business as a part time associate in direct selling. He discovered he had a passion for marketing and without hesitation gave up a steady paycheck to pursue his new found passion. He believes in giving back and takes positive action to support organizations throughout the world. His desire to make a difference is part of the company culture, as well as a building block in his own personal philosophy.

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Engaging Favorable Interactions through Talk Fusion

When it comes to getting access to the top video marketing solutions, then Talk Fusion is the right company for you. Being a global leader in the market, the company aids individuals and corporations in effective marketing by using proprietary and patent-pending video technology. The company, with operations in over 140 countries, was founded by the current Chief Executive Officer, Bob Reina, and established in 2007. The company is the first among many in instant pay compensation plan to its clients and being part of the Direct Selling Association. Talk Fusion conducts its services with the highest ethical business practices.

In ensuring that your business is on the frontline, the company offers the best video marketing tools thereby enabling interactions that will bear positive results. Their favorable solutions guarantee results in that they offer you a more personal way to stay in touch with your prospective clients. Inclusive of the tools readily made available within their site is Video Mail which has numerous professionally designed templates translated in various languages that one could choose from. Through Video Mail, the user is more than equipped for creating eye-catching video emails for personal use, business or even charity.

In my opinion, the most impressive tool, however, is the Video Newsletter that has a user-friendly interface. All you do is simply design your very best newsletter and just drag and drop within the interface. You can also incorporate your logo and also use your favorite color and font. With the Video Newsletter, one can increase click-throughs, open rates, and replies. Other useable tools within the interface include live meetings, video chats, and impressive sign-up forms.

The founder, Bob Reina, is a firm believer of commitment over a long period of years in attaining success. Being known for his candid sense of humor, it is, nevertheless, clear that it wasn’t a joke for Bob Reina to become a success by upholding self-discipline in all his undertakings. Of course, the road was not easy at all for Bob.

Bob Reina, while in the process of completion of his coursework at the University of South Florida, had to juggle several jobs to push through. He even went ahead to becoming the best in his class in the Police Academy. To satisfy his entrepreneurial itch, Bob decided to become a part-time associate in direct selling, which eventually led to his passion for helping other who are trying to make it in the direct sales industry.



A Successful Business Climb: How Susan McGalla Strove for Success

Throughout the past decades, women have been striving to climb the ladder of success. Nonetheless, even after the pushes towards equal pay and equality in the work place, many women are still suffering with rising to their potentials. In the business world, though, a few dynamic women have both possessed qualities of leadership and persistently drove themselves up to the top of businesses. Such a woman who has used her gifts efficiently and has successfully climbed the corporate ladder is Susan McGalla, one of the strong business women working on.

McGalla prides herself on her efficient work ethic, passion, flexibility, and confidence, which have been shown as satisfactory in the work place on Post-gazette. With a strong ideology that one must work hard to earn things in life, she knew her time spent in business would consist of countless hours of vigorous and outstanding labor. Nonetheless, she continued to strive for greatness, which he had always believed she was meant for, and worked her way to success.

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At first, McGalla began her career in 1986 working for Joseph Horne Company. In 1994, though, Susan McGalla joined American Eagle Outfitters where her hard work and principles brought her to a higher position. Eventually she found herself as the President and Chief Merchandising Officer of the entire franchise. Though she had put many hours into American Eagle, McGalla choose to leave on her own terms. She had planned to begin her own private consultant for the financial investment and retail industries; however, Wet Seal begged and encouraged her to become their new CEO. McGalla took the position for the short term, but did eventually leave for her own consulting business. She also founded P3 Executive Consulting, LLC and is the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for The Pittsburgh Steelers due to her rich retail background.

While there are still difficulties in the work place with women working to make successful careers in their desired fields, women, such as Susan McGalla, have obtained these goals and know how to maintain them. Susan McGalla has spent years working hard and displaying her avid work ethics, which has helped her climb her way up to positions, such as CEO. Her work now, as a consulting expert is a powerful success story for women attempting to find success in business. For further information on this story, check out the original article at

Kevin Seawright on the Larry Young Morning Show

Last Week, Kevin Seawright talked about his project with RPS Solutions, LLC on the Larry Young Morning Show. RPS was founded in 2015 as a joint membership venture. The company specializes in construction and renovation of affordable housing in Baltimore, Maryland. On the show, Seawright talked about the goals of the company. He told Larry Young that the company is genuinely passionate about ownership of homes in Baltimore. Kevin added that a lot of the times, the company deals with first time buyers of homes. He further stated that RPS Solutions, LLC strives to offer the opportunity of owning a home to every home buyer and that they want people to be proud of having a home.

The mission of RPS Solutions LLC is to grow the current home ownership rate in Baltimore City to over 48.3 percent. The company intends to achieve its mission by providing members of the community with affordable alternatives. This will help create a stable socioeconomic environment for the people of Baltimore. To listen to the Larry Young Morning Show, tune into WOLB Talk 1010 in Baltimore.

About Kevin Seawright
Kevin Seawright is the founder of RPS Solutions, LLC. He is a project manager based in Baltimore, Maryland. Kevin is known for his ability to command new opportunities and achieve business goals. He has used his expertise to help people on the East Coast. Currently, Mr. Seawright is the Chief Financial Officer and President of Newark Economic Development Corporation. He is known for his rich blend of team inclusion, business acumen, outcome efficiency and financial government and private sector operations.

Kevin has transformed business strategies throughout his career to align technological initiatives and build responsive Finance divisions. His accomplishments include improving staff retention, enhancing recruitment efforts, compensation adjustments and change management by solidifying Human Capital Divisions. Much of his career was spent in real estate, education and local government sectors in Washington, Maryland.

During Kevin Seawright’s career, he has served as Deputy Chief Operating Officer, Finance Director, Payroll Director, Managing Fiscal officer and Budget manager among many other leadership positions. Kevin has gained much reputation as a successful business leader who establishes a good rapport with staff. Read more about Kevin in his LocalTalkNews interview.

The Interests and Hobbies of Michael Zomber

Michael Zomber is a man of many interests, and those interests are connected to his passion of collection weapons. He uses the weapons to study different periods and gather information for his work.

Zomber has always had a passion for learning, and he attended two universities to obtain three degrees. He started by obtaining his bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and English Literature at the University of Illinois. Zomber then attended UCLA for his master’s degree in English Literature. His degrees have helped him to move forward in his career of weapon collecting, weapon dealing, writing and filmmaking.

Michael Zomber has been collecting antique weapons and armor for more than four decades. Weapons from Samurai soldiers make up part of his collection, and this includes the Samurai sword. Zomber is known for his authority on Samurai swords and the Japanese culture. He preserves history by studying the weapons and keeping them in great condition. Zomber is interested in working with others who share the same passion in collecting and protecting antique weapons.

Zomber is a historical fiction author who enjoys using real facts to create his characters and stories. He has written several screenplays and novels using original characters and authentic facts. His books include Jesus and the Samurai, Son of Kentucky and Park Avenue.

Michael Zomber also enjoys exploring the field of filmmaking, and he created the animated documentary called the Soul of the Samurai. Soul of the Samurai is a film about the Samurai period and how the Samurai sword came to life. Michael and Andrea Zomber also own the company known as Renascent Films. This company has distributed the movie La Cucaracha, documentary Literary Riot and theatrical show Deep Sea Diving.

Zomber does have interests and hobbies outside of collecting antique weapons and armor. He loves to spend time with his wife and two children in their home just outside of Philadelphia. His interests also include reading, art, horseback riding, tennis and studying social justice.

Michael Zomber has a deep passion for collecting antique weapons, studying Japanese culture and preserving history. He uses this passion to create amazing novels, screenplays, documentaries and films.