Squaw Valley CEO Interviewed By Madeleine Brand On KCRW Radio

Andy Wirth is the man to talk to when it comes to the business side to Ski Resorts and the issues they have had to face in the extreme drought that has hit California.

Hi involvement with Squaw Valley has been since 2010 when he took over the business led by the Cushing family. Over the last 4 years the area has suffered from drought as well as the threat of incorporation.

Andy Wirth shares some insight into the current issues as well as a run down of what him and his team are doing to allow them to still remain profitable.

The radio station is KCRW on the Press Play with Madelaine Brand show where Andy Wirth answers questions about the recent winter they have had in Squaw Valley. Read more: How Will the Drought Affect California Ski Resorts?

The winter has indeed bin very tough with the phenomenon known as the ridiculously resilient ridge.

This phenomenon has prevented low pressure systems from entering the mountains and providing the area with the snow they so desperately need. This resulted in the number of skier visits being down a total of 20 percent over recent years.

Even though the drop of visitors was noticeable, Andy Wirth ensures that his business could survive a number of these types of scenarios in the years to come as his business’s capital structure remained solid and profits were still made even though this was not even close to the profits turned in an average snow year.

Andy Wirth goes on to say that he knows that this is no where near the type of profitability they can achieve. The volatility of the weather just means that they have to take advantage of the opportunities presented in that case.

Squaw Valley presents its customers and visitors with 6000 acres of snow landscape and due to the drought only 4000 of those 6000 acres was covered in snow. This however still provides for more than adequate amount of skiing real estate.

Good times will still be had and this is the perspective not only of Andy Wirth but other skiing resorts throughout the country such as Mammoth in the south. Read more: Update on CEO Andy Wirth and his letter

Science has also dded to the ability of the resort to move snow to favorible locations and the process of making snow is also capitalized upon.

Andy Wirth has been apart of the community for several years and apart from his CEO job finds himself taking part in a lot of civic and business ventures in order to make the quality of lives in the Olympic Valley better.

Andy Wirth is also involved in philanthropic ventures to greatly improve both environmental and community services

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