Netpicks Online Trading System

Netpicks is an online trading business that is geared toward providing clients with the types of investment education and training they need in order to become financially independent. The business, which specializes in day trading and swing trading, has been in operation since 1996, and it offers its customers access to very skilled trading coaches, as well as several trading systems such as: Stock Market; Forex; Futures; and Options.  Read guiding tips on trading, check

Their Stock Market trading system helps clients who have an interest in learning about Swing and Day trading of stocks and options, and their Forex trading system gives clients access to the world’s largest market and helps them learn the art of online trading on their own time. Additionally, Netpicks’ Futures trading system gives users the chance to take advantage of money growing opportunities in the market’s short term trends, and the Options trading system shows clients how to gain profits from stocks after buying them at a much lower price than what they cost without having to actually own them.  Read and learn from their tutorial blogs, visit their page.

A recent article on the Marketwatch website mentioned a strategy that can be applied when someone wants to take advantage of the choppy summer trading market by using what is referred to as Lock and Walk, which is a simple do-it-yourself strategy that involves buying near support, selling near resistance and stopping out when support breaks. These rules are very familiar to those who have experience in using technical analysis when buying and selling stocks. These are the kinds of strategies that the professionals at Netpicks can teach their clients in order to increase their profits during the low-volume summer months.  For additional trading tips, click on

Netpicks offers investors and traders a free 2-week trial, as well as access to its members only website, and if clients want to engage in automated trading, they are required to open a live account with an amount of $5,000. Clients who have used their services have expressed their satisfaction with the type of professionalism and knowledge the skilled employees displayed to them during the training sessions and the educational process. The business is based in Texas City, Texas.

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