Sawyer Howitt – On the Move in the Business World

Sawyer Howitt works with his father at The Meriwether Group. His father, David Howitt founded the company based in Portland, OR and despite Sawyer’s young age and the fact that he is still in high school he is considered an integral part of the company.

The Meriwether Group mentors, advises and guides new entrepreneurs to success on their path to put new ideas and brands into a reality. Assisting with start up, help with growth opportunities and sometimes an infusion of extra capital are among the many services they offer. By having such diversity it allows their clients the freedom to mix and match the services based own their individual needs.

Sawyer Howitt has already been noticed in the business world and his input into the company has allowed his father to trust him with major decision making in the Meriwether Group. Sawyer serves as the project manager of the company. He is ambitious and works hard to help mold modern day entrepreneurs to reach their full potential.

He has a very keen ability to understand the operational and financial needs of a business while still remembering to keep a strong connection to the consumer. Sawyer is ready to assist in any aspect of his position at the company from filing and note taking to excellent presentations at key meetings. Sawyer Howitt is well on his way to becoming a very highly recognized and respected influence in the world of business.