NetPicks on the Differences Between The Stock Market and the Forex Market

The Forex market has become one of the most popular trading markets. It has even beat out the stock market in size and activity according to NetPicks. However, it is important to note the interesting differences between the stock market and the trading market. The differences go beyond the types of assets offered and the prices paid for them. As a matter of fact, people who understand all of the differences between the stock market and the Forex market will have an easier time adjusting to the market when they start. For people who like to trade both markets, knowing the difference can do wonders. Get guidance here.

What Forex Market Offers

One major difference that NetPicks describes is how many options are available. Get tips here.  Compared to the stock market, the Forex market is actually quite limited in what is offered. The stock market has a wide range of assets that can be bought. Another key difference is that some of the assets that are offered actually have multiple ways of paying out without actually having to trade. People who buy stocks can actually earn money from holding onto the stock as it depends on the type of stock that is offered. With Forex, the only way people are going earn money is if they close the deal in their favor.  Read reviews on

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One of the most important aspects of the Forex market according to NetPicks is that not only is there margin, but it is also very common for traders to trade with margin. The stock market has people trading with just their own money. It can actually be a little hard to gain margin on a stock trading account. Of course not all Forex brokers offer the same margin for people. Some Forex brokers don’t even offer margin for traders. NetPicks can help people choose the Forex broker that will cater to their needs. Useful link on

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Netpicks – Showing You How to Be a Profitable AND a Socially Responsible Trader

Founded in 1996 as a trading company, Netpicks now develops trading systems for every type of trader. Headquartered in Irving Texas, it is the vision of Netpicks to provide a superior trading education to its clients.

Their years of experience have allowed them to simplify the process and teach all levels of trading. From traders who are serious and full-time to traders who just want to devote a few minutes a day to investing, Netpicks has a system to match that trader’s needs. Their programs and systems cover every aspect of trading including stock and options trading, ETFs, forex, futures and day trading.

Their programs are comprehensive and include all of the tools needed to succeed. Coaches, who are themselves active traders, are available to assist and answer questions.

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Recently, as the company has become more socially aware, Netpicks has sought ways to help its traders choose investment opportunities with an eye on environmental impact. In addition to a company being a good investment based strictly on the traditional fundamentals, does that company have a positive or negative impact on the economy?

While many companies run their businesses in an environmentally conscious way, many do not. Determining which are socially responsible adds another layer of research to the equation. Knowing this, Netpicks had put new effort into helping its traders learn how to invest in a more socially responsible while still making money.  More to learn on

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Part of their approach is to identify FTFs with a focus on sustainability, carbon footprint and gender issues. They have identified four such ETFs. These are:

Etho Climate Leadership U.S. ETF (ETHO)

SPDR SSGA Gender Diversity Index ETF (SHE)

iShares MSCI KLD 400 Social ETF (DSI)

iShares MSCI ACWI Low Carbon Target (CRBN)

Each of these ETFs was chosen not only because of its potential high rate of return but for its socially conscious approach to the components of its funds. For additional information contact Netpicks, head over to this.

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