End Citizens United: Supporting Integrity In Politics

Doug Jones and Roy Moore are both running for the State Senate in December’s special election. End Citizens United just announced that they are endorsing Doug Jones in this political election. Unlike Mr. Moore, Doug Jones stands by his integrity and morality in doing what he believes is the right thing always.

Roy Moore has been accused of some terrible things such as pocketing millions of dollars from a charity himself and his wife were in charge of running. According to ECU on crunchbase.com, Roy Moore is not interested in doing what is right for the people of Alabama.

End Citizens United is standing up for the people of Alabama, who are tired of corrupt politics and politicians who do not have the residents of Alabama in mind when making choices at the top. Doug Jones is working together with End Citizens United to speak for the people of Alabama, and put an end to corrupt politics.

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All the while, Roy Moore has ties to people who are only involved in the interests of politics, and forget about anyone else. People such as big donors, the Mercer family, and their business associate Steve Bannon.

The Senate Leadership fund has announced they will support the opposing candidate, Republican Roy Moore. Public Advocate, which is a radical anti-LGBT group, is also supportive of Moore, and he is fighting for their voice in democracy. Moore also wishes to do away with the Johnson Amendment. Doing away with this will allow churches to fund political campaigns.

Doug Jones is the exact opposite. His plans include giving the people of Alabama a voice, and to also continue fighting for equality.

End Citizens United or ECU, is a group that supports the election of politicians that are people of character and integrity. Their hopes are that their efforts will help eliminate some of the corruption that occurs within our political system. By supporting political candidates of integrity, morals, and good character, they hope their efforts will effect our political leadership a little at a time. ECU was founded over two years ago, and is made up of about three million members to date .