Jason Halpern: The Man behind Half a Billion Dollar Real Estate Business

Jason Halpern is not an ordinary real estate developer. He is a rising star in the real estate business. His company, JHM Development has been involved in multi-million dollar real estate deals across the country.

Jason Halpern: Born to Develop Property

Taking over the family business, JHM Development back in 2010, he has transformed the company to one of the best in the market. The company has recently made a $500 million project investment in the state of New York.

The so-called “boutique development firm” has been involved in hundreds of millions of real estate investments since 2007. These developments include a more than 200 room Aloft South Beach located in Miami.

Back in 2015, Halpern was involved in a deal with Kushner Companies and together with Rock point Group that saw them transform the Wild Turkey Warehouse into beautiful condos. Halpern’s company collaborated with Madison Estates in Another project that caught the eyes to buy Brooklyn Heights Cinema back in 2014. The plan was building luxury condos in that area. He once experienced a minor setback when one of the high profile deals he was working on with a partner in Vegas didn’t come to fruition.

Apart from business, Halpern is a family man. He is engaged to his fiancé VeronikaGomeniouk who is a Ukrainian model. He also has a 13-year-old son from his previous marriage. He is known to love racing, and at one point, he had considered racing himself. He had bought himself a racing car a while ago. He then some racing classes as well.

Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and Richard

Halpern was residing in 184 Kent Avenue where both his penthouse and office were located. Once asked, he had said he wished to remain in his apartment because he had developed an ‘attachment’ to it.

Halpern is currently serving as a director of Parametric Dining LLC., which is a mobile technology company that builds software and applications for restaurants.

One thing is clear, the 45 years old is not stopping anytime soon. Jason Halpern’s love and ‘eye’ for real estate opportunities have catapulted him into the same level as successful real estate developers. It is also clear that if you want to judge him, judge him by his losses and not his wins because they are everywhere.

Jason Halpern with his Working Mates


This impressive list of works confirms that Jason has a talent and a gift to do what it takes to make a project successful. His notable developments are littered with his growing influence in the industry and art.

Finding Real Estate Hidden Gems with Samuel Strauch

Samuel Strauch is a real estate legend who operates out of South Florida. He attended Hofstra University and got his first B.A. degree in International Studies. After getting his degree from Hofstra University, he went on to Harvard to get his B.A. in Executive Education in Real Estate & Capital Markets. Finally, he attended Erasmus University in Rotterdam and obtained a B.A. degree in International Finance, Marketing. He started out his career in banking but quickly switched to the family real estate business. Samuel Strauch branched out from there and opened his own real estate business, Metrik Real Estate, in 2002. Along with his busy real estate business, Samuel Strauch also has investments in the internet and restaurant venues. Visit his Tumblr.

In his over 15 year career, Samuel Strauch has developed a knack for finding hidden gems in the real estate business. Do you want that big city excitement without actually living in the big city with the big city price? Samuel Strauch will help you fin them. Let’s take a look and start with Denver, Colorado. Denver is known for its vibrant sports locations, but it’s also known for its price. However, just a skip from Denver is Northeast Denver, with real estate prices almost cut in half, this is more affordable and is just a short distance from the excitement of Greater Denver. Dallas, Texas and San Francisco, California also have hidden gems just a little ways away from the big city. Dallas has Wylie, Texas where real estate prices are 26% lower, and San Francisco has Dublin with a 22% savings on real estate prices. Miami, Florida and Nashville, Tennesee both offer alternatives to big city prices. Miami has a city called Cutler Bay where the real estate is almost half the price of Miami, and finally, Nashville has Williamsburg. Williamsburg offers real estate for half the price of Nashville but still within comfortable distance to the city. Click here to know more.

Samuel Strauch has been very successful in the real estate business since he first got his start and with a knack for finding hidden gems, it will only keep getting better.


Arthur Becker’s Undying Passion for Investment

Arthur Becker works at Madison Partners, LLC, which is an investment firm dealing with early stage Bio Tech investments and real estate. Before joining Madison, he was CEO and chairman of Zinio, which is the largest digital newsstand in the world. From 2002 to 2010, Arthur Becker was the CEO of NaviSite, a firm that is NASDAQ quoted and provides Internet technology services and colocation to UK and US based businesses. For seven years, Becker worked with Vera Wang Fashion as a senior advisor and has continued to be a private investor in real estate and technology.

How Ideas for Madison Partners, LLC came about

Arthur traces back the idea for Madison from his tenure at Zinio and NaviSite, where he became deeply engaged in both real estate and technology. After selling NaviSite in 2011, he chose to expand his real estate interests by venturing in condo development in Miami, FL and NYC. Becker claims that he had also been exposed to various early stage biotech firms, and he got fascinated by the changing paradigms.

Arthur Becker claims that balancing critical thinking with passion and drive is the biggest challenge he faces. He says that over the years, he has tried different investments, failed severally, and hopefully he has learned from his failures on how to avoid related failures. Becker insists that failing and refusing to give another shot is the recipe for failing as an investor. For those companies that have turned out a success, the chemistry within the management has always played a critical role in their success. Click here to know more.

Arthur is currently a proud owner of townhouses in Soho. This was after he exchanged his stake in condominium development. Arthur plans to move in in one of the townhouses and lease or sell the remaining two. He said that their pricing would be slightly higher owing to their larger backyards.