How to Handle Negative Press

Kimanzi Constable recently wrote and article for Entrepreneur on how to take the high road when your reputation is attacked. According to the article, the reality is that if you own a business, you will likely face an attack on both your business and personal reputation at some point. Even if you operate in the most efficient and effective way, the article warns that attacks are practically inevitable. Because of this reality in business, it is best to be prepared with a strategy of how to handle an attack when it does come your way. The article advises that it is important to avoid stooping to the level of the attacker. Instead, the article suggests that you assure loyal customers that nothing with your business will change and simply offer an extra value to offset the negative attacks on your reputation. In addition, it is smart to seek out support or help in these circumstances so that you can make sure that the situation is being handled in the best way possible. You do not want an overly emotional reaction to cause you more problems down the line. Finally, the article reminds business owners that they should remain in touch with the purpose of their business and stay motivated to maintain and grow their business at all times. is one of those resources that business owners turn to when their reputation is on the line. This reputation management company has the experience and expertise it takes to remove bad search results for your business. No matter the size of the business or the type of industry involved, can help to manage the situation properly. The ramifications of a negative review or bad press online are too serious for your business to just ignore. Bad reviews do not go away on their own. Trust the experts at to handle your reputation crisis so that your business can get back to being great and delivering the best possible service and goods to your customers.