Use Preventative Screening Services To Detect Problems

Lifeline preventative screening services can help a person find out if they are in danger for many common conditions that affect the health of Americans. Customers can go in for ultrasound screenings or simple blood screenings. While these tests do not negate the need for seeing a doctor if they come back positive, they can let someone know about a potential danger.

The blood tests are easily performed tests that can be done with a prick of a finger. The person who undergoes the test just needs to wear a band aid for a few hours. The tests include blood glucose screening, cholesterol screening, and the highly sensitive c-reactive protein test. The first test screens for diabetes, the purpose of the second test is obvious, and the last test checks to see if a person is in danger of developing heart disease.

Lifeline Preventative Services does more than just offer blood tests. It also offers ultrasound screenings to check for other conditions. These screenings require a person to come into our offices, but they only take a few minutes. One of the exams that uses this technology is a Doppler exam that checks for peripheral arterial disease in the lower legs. This condition causes blood clots, but it can be treated.

Clients can find out more information on the website about Lifeline Screening. Someone who wants to schedule an appointment should call one of our offices. Remember, these tests indicate a potential problem, they do not constitute a formal diagnosis. They can, however, alert someone to a potential danger.

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