Need a new career? Contact Brian Torchin of HCRC!

Brian Torchin plays a role in the recruitment of medical professionals for job placement in the healthcare industry. Brian started a company called HCRC Staffing, headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 2007, which assist medical professionals find a job in their desired field practice.

Being a practicing chiropractor Brian knows what it is like to try and find work so this company is beneficial to those needing work in the healthcare field.

Brian Torchin has a large presence in social media so it is very easy and convenient to connect with him and ask for his assistance. People can find him on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

By looking at his Twitter account, he is constantly posting job positions he is recruiting for throughout the United States. Brian also has his website and phone number posted so this can give health care professionals way to reach him directly to speak to him about a position someone might be interested in applying for.

According to Glassdoor, Brian Torchin business model is focused on finding jobs for people in the healthcare field. This can play role in his community by getting fellow professionals back to work, giving them the opportunity to succeed and thus helping someone started a new career. Without the services and recruiting he provides, the availability and knowledge of these positions may not be possible.

If someone is looking for a good job in the healthcare industry and has experience in the field, holds a medical license, or a practicing chiropractor like himself, the person should take advantage of his service.

He will be able to help you advance your career. He cannot recruit for you, if you do not contact him.

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A Little Look Behind What Makes Skout Tick


Since 2007 Skout has been in the business of making human connections. This app is for people who want to branch out and meet new people, whether it’s for friendship, business, or romance, is up to them. It’s fast and easy to use. Skout is dedicated to its users having a fun experience. Skout is used internationally in over 100 countries, so all users can meet anyone from anywhere. Now that does sound fun.

Skout is free to join and has some interesting features for their user’s enjoyment. If you’re at least 13 years old, then you’re set to go. Want to meet people from a different country? Use the feature Skout Travel, which allows you to virtually visit and talk to people from other countries for 24 hours. Want to know who’s interested in you? Well then find out using the “Who Checked Me Out” feature. Oh and want to know who’s interesting? If you see a chili pepper on their picture,it’s a pretty good indicator right there.

Such a great app like this doesn’t just spring up out of nowhere. There is a lot of people behind the scenes making sure that everything is in working order. An article in the Huffington Post gave us a little look behind the curtain through Skout CFO, Portia Kersten. She has a bit of info as to her role in the company and what it takes to succeed.

Growing up reading constantly, Kersten had her choice of heroes who were able to defeat the odds and come out on top. She stated that her namesake, Portia, a Shakespeare character was another example of a good role model. Using this to bolster her will to succeed was easy and necessary since the sheer amount of work necessary can be daunting without efficiency and dedication. She had a hand in various start-up companies as CFO. From the beginning of her work career until now, each experience has just been another layer built up to contribute to each new company. Now that Kersten is with Skout, all of that experience will make keeping Skout successful a breeze.

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