Talkspace – Secure Therapy at Your Fingertips

Largely described as a secure and private version of Snapchat, Talkspace is the buzz of the internet. The secure audio and video messaging therapy app is used in several ways. Clients are known to send pictures of their environments. This can allow the therapist to understand the mood of the client at the time. This is especially good for the person who has a hard time putting how they feel into words. Most therapist will respond with pictures to engage their clients with thoughts. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. One therapist takes the visual recognition of seeing an image to trigger ones feelings one step further. She will ask her clients to print the photograph. They will then be asked to complete the information on the picture by hand, snap a photo of the completed form, then send it back to the therapist. There are many brain triggers. Most triggers are different for each person. Writing something out may give a clearer picture of how the person is feeling for one, yet only seeing and image or just words on an image could be the most beneficial for another person. The Talkspace service is also beneficial for couples therapy. Therapy can provide maximum benefits for those that are currently deprived of sleep. As you may have heard, the benefits of getting the proper amount of sleep are massive. Most go through their day with less than the required amount of sleep than their brains need to function at 100%. It is fact that we may make stupid decisions when we have not had the proper amount of sleep. Why on this earth did I do that? With limited sleep, depending on the level of deprivation, sending a picture to a therapist may be the saving situation to gain the help that we need. We will not have to try to explain with a foggy brain what our issues are. A therapist can determine our needs and act accordingly. Talkspace is a privately held company. The company’s headquarters is located in New York, NY. The cost to be matched up with a licensed therapist is approximately $128 per month. You never have to answer the question again of where are you going Bill? Where are you going Sally? I’m headed to my therapist’s office. Now your trained therapist sits in the palm of your hand. You are allowed to switch therapists at any time. If you would like to download the app you may visit the Google Play Store or the iTunes website right now.