How Cancer Treatment Centers of America is Creating Awareness by Offering Prostate Cancer Screenings

Prostate cancer is one of the killer diseases among men ins today’s world. That is backed up by statistics which show that one in seven men will be diagnosed with this cancer in their lifetime. That has led to some organizations such as NFL, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, as well as LabCorp to team up to increase cancer awareness and at the same time encourage men to show up for early screening.

Prostate Cancer screening is done for free to all men who are aged 40 years and above and who meet the eligibility requirements since this age group is at the risk of developing prostate cancer.

As part of the screening process, public service announcements are going to be given by former NFL coaches; Dick Vermeil, Herm Edwards, as well as Bill Cowher. These announcements will be aired nationally in the cancer awareness month of September.
The main aim will be encouraging men on getting screened for the disease which is considered the first defense against cancer. These organizations have also teamed up to provide advances in screening techniques, diagnosis as well as treatment options.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America or simply
Cancer Treatment Centers of America have their headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida. It was started in the year 1988 by Richard J. Stephenson whose close relative died from cancer because of the poor treatment options.
Cancer Treatment Centers of America is made up of five hospitals, which serve cancer patients throughout the United States of America. They provide a wide variety of services from surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, as well as immunotherapy which aid in treating cancer.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America also offers integrative therapies which assist in reducing the side effects of cancer, which include pain, nausea, fatigue, depression, malnutrition, as well as anxiety. The five centers of the CTCA are located in Illinois, Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, as well as Oklahoma.

The Recommendations and Advice of Paul Mampilly on Stock Investment

     According to the recent article on DailyForexreport, Profits Unlimited is Paul Mampilly’s idea, and it has reached a turning point. Profits Unlimited, a research service, is currently landing in 60,000 subscribers hands. This fact makes it the fastest growing newsletter in the investment industry. Paul used to be a manager of a hedge fund in another life. During Paul’s two decades in the industry, he had several important clients, including Deutsche Bank, Kinetics International, and ING.

The John Templeton Foundation organized an investment contest, and Paul entered the competition in the year 2009. He ale to turn 50 million dollars into 88 million dollars and won the contest with a 76% gain. He managed to do that during the worst financial crisis years, and he never required to short stocks.

As far as we know, Paul is the person that gives other people good investment advice, so he partnered with the Palm Beach, Florida-based Banyan Hill Publishing in 2106 to launch a newsletter that was going to teach regular U.S. citizen how to benefit from the stock market. Hence, Profits Unlimited was born. Profits Unlimited contains eight pages with advice about Paul’s recommendations for stocks. It’s emailed to subscribers each month showcasing updates of either one or two stocks. The subscribers can visit Paul’s site on a weekly basis to track these stocks progress.

Paul has a has a very lucrative portfolio of his own; it has investments that are up 38 percent, 31 percent, 21 percent, and 18 percent. In total eleven out of thirteen of his positions that are open are turning a profit. He wrote about a semiconductor firm in his Profits Unlimited issue on June 1. The stock of that company is now up 160%. He believes that this year, people should invest in the following sectors: food delivery systems, precision medicine, and electric vehicles because these stocks are in a position to grow as well as sustain that growth.

Paul graduated in the year 1991 from the Montclair State University with Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Finance and Accounting. He graduated from the Gabelli School of Business at Fordham with an M.B.A.

Leonardo Dicaprio Partners Up with Livio Bisterzo

     There are times when a celebrity will believe in a product enough to make an endorsement or to become involved in a brand in some way. That has happened with Leonardo Dicaprio, and it has led him to partner up with Livio Bisterzo. Dicaprio has chosen to invest in a chickpea product that is new and different. He has put his money behind a brand that is putting out a unique product and something that is fitting with modern times. Dicaprio has chosen to be a part of something that is unusual for him to join with, and people are noticing the brand because of his decision to join up with it.

Livio Bisterzo is someone who lives in Los Angelos. He is an Italian individual who has a passion for business work. He moved to the United Kingdom when he was just eighteen, and he gained an education there. This man is someone who has a rich business portfolio. The things that he has done in his lifetime are big, and they should be noticed. He understands what it takes to pull a brand together, and he knows how to make a brand succeed. He is someone who has used the education that he has received, as well as his natural talent, to help him become great.

In 2015, Livio Bisterzo created a group. This group is something that backs brands and helps to get new products out to the public. This group is something that focuses on foods that are healthier than most. Green Park Holdings’ first brand was Hippeas, a brand of chickpea snacks. This is the brand that Leonardo Dicaprio has come behind. This brand is something that is putting out products that are made to be a healthy snack. This is a brand that is trying to put out flavorful products, as well as products that are going to be good for the health conscious.

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Making Agora Financial’s Research and Knowledge Work for Your Nest Egg

Agora Financial is one of the world leaders in helping everyday people secure their financial independence. Unlike many companies, they specialize in working with all levels of investors. From first time investors to the most highly experienced investors, Agora Financial offers everyone access to their team of world class analysts and their highly researched publications that are available on their website.

Their website offers a large selection of publications, videos and seminars that cover a variety of topics. Among these topics are publications on how to discover companies across the world that are on the bring of massive growth and how you can profit from the research Agora Financial has put in to discover these companies. Many companies that seem like great investments have already peaked – their stock prices are very high and it is the early investors who will reap the benefit. The publications and videos also showcase ways to boost income for your personal nest egg through investment and how to protect your earnings from stock decline once you are on the up and up. They even include niche topics such as utilizing safe haven investments such as precious metals and specific bonds that can garner a massive amount of wealth.

Many of us don’t fully understand the investment process. Instead of speaking over your head, Agora Financial’s latest video explains how you can capitalize on the wealth you have saved by utilizing their publications to educate yourself on the financial marketplace.

Agora Financial spends over $1 million to send its employees all over the world to learn about potential investment opportunities for the people they work with. They also conduct research that is unbiased and independent. This means that any article you real on their website is never influenced by a company and you are getting the best possible information about what is going on in the world of investment and how it can work for your benefit.

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Livio Bisterzo and Hippeas Are Taking The Snack Food Industry To A Whole New Level

     It’s amazing to see how one delicious new product can revolutionize the snack food industry. Such is the case with the popular organic chickpea puff snacks known as Hippeas.

In an August, 2017 article on the Running Lip website, the author looks at the widespread popularity of Hippeas, as well as the recent news that actor Leonardo DiCaprio has become an investor in the brand.

Hippeas are made by an innovative Los Angeles-based food company named Green Park Brands. The company was founded in 2015 by a man named Livio Bisterzo, who is the company’s CEO.

According to the Running Lip article, Hippeas chickpea puff snacks are now sold at more than 20,000 stores in America and the United Kingdom. In addition to being unique and delicious, these organic, gluten-free snack puffs are kosher and vegan.

Being a socially conscious company that helps to support farmers in rural eastern Africa, Green Park’s Hippeas have attracted the attention of the environmentally aware actor and producer Leonardo DiCaprio.

Along with Strand Equity Partners, Mr. DiCaprio is a new financial investor in the Hippeas brand. As a longtime environmental activist, Leonardo DiCaprio already maintains his own environmental and conservation-oriented foundation, and also provides financial support to environmentally friendly companies.

A true young entrepreneur, Livio Bisterzo had already successfully started an events company, and launched two other consumer products before starting the Hippeas line of chickpea puff snacks. Mr. Bisterzo graduated from London’s University of the Arts with a bachelor’s degree in Business and Management in Fashion, and is a married father of three children.

Hippeas are the first product to be introduced by Green Park Brands, and the product has been warmly embraced by consumers everywhere. Available in white cheddar, pepper, barbecue, sriracha, and fajita flavors, Hippeas chickpea snacks generated $2.5 million in wholesale revenue in 2016, and the brand is projected to increase its sales figures in the future.

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Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega – This

     SEO media entrepreneurs, this is the place you need to be, and this is the leader you need to learn from: Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega. He has been there, and he has done that; in fact, he continues to inspire with his legacy. This man proudly plays at the executive level. He recently discussed the following:

  1. Why Automation is the Next Great Thing
  2. Webinar Marketing and Entrepreneurship
  3. Marketing Automation in Action – All That It Can Do for You
  4. Ideas for Those Getting Started in Any Online Market Business
  5. The Benefits of Automation and AI When Done with the Right Business

According to Alfonso, any opportunity that allows Google to increase its marketing tactics, information overloads and ultimate streams of revenue will not be rejected. Google is the number one website and search engine in the world, and it plans on keeping its position as the very best; thus, any attempts by the outside competition must come to a complete halt if Google is to remain number one. In other words, links and backlinks of numerous forms must continually be checked by Google – and placed where Google wants them to fall. This will give Google a greater sense of control.

The history of Mexico is fascinating as is the story of its media. Grupo Televisa, for instance, is now one of the largest news media conglomerates on the face of the planet, but it had to have started somewhere. Thus, to research and explore the very history, heart and soul of this beautiful country will eventually lead one to discover the origins and makings of its current media presence, one which stands as a major global player. It all had to have started somewhere; let us further explore as Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega has.

Bruno Jorge Fagali: Towards Award-winning and Ethical Law Practice

     The Pro-Ethics Award, which is awarded by Brazil’s Ministry of Inspection and Ethos Institute, is given to individuals who have shown exemplary leadership when it comes to promoting ethical practice across various Brazilian sectors, industries and organizations. It is such commitment that Bruno Fagali, a preeminent and experienced Brazilian lawyer, has dedicated his professional life to. Therefore, being bestowed the award in 2016 was a befitting testimony of his excellent track record as an excellent lawyer with strong passion for instilling ethical practice in the industry. The award further cemented his position as an ethical lawyer having been appointed to serve as the manager of the newly established Corporate Integrity Program (CIP) in 2015. These two achievements capped off a remarkable career that has seen Bruno Fagali expand his professional depth to include teaching law.

A Strongly Pillared Success

Bruno Fagali is a vastly experienced attorney who has specialized in several fields of law including constitutional law and public law among others. He currently divides his time between managing Fagali Law Firm he founded in 2014, lecturing law at his alma mater University of Sao Paulo, managing CIP and attending several seminars and trainings related to law and public administration. He was also in the books of Radi, Cali and Associates where he practiced law between 2012 and 2014. Bruno Fagali also gained valuable experience during his time at Tojal, Teixera Ferreira, Serrano and Renault Associates where he worked as a consultant in public; a position he previously held in 2007 while working at Manesco, Ramires, Perez, Azevedo Marques Law Firm.

Bruno Fagali not only draws from his experience to anchor his law practice and professional endeavors. He has expanded his grasp of law practice beyond the law degree he received from the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo. He is a Master student specializing in law at the University of Sao Paulo and a bilingual proficient in multiple languages.


Sawyer Howitt’s List of Up and Coming Places

     Sawyer Howitt recently published a list about all of the hottest places that are going to be great for business in the coming months. He wants people to be aware of them and wants everyone to know that they are great places to set up business at. He includes places like Santa Monica, Minneapolis and other destinations that most people may not think about when they are considering their business. These obscure places will help people to have a better startup experience and will give them everything that they need to be able to successfully run their business while they are in the city.

Since Sawyer Howitt is an entrepreneur, he knows a lot about starting businesses and the best place to do it. He wants people to get all of the help that they need when they are starting their business and he also wants people to be aware of all of the options that they have with their business. Because of the options that Sawyer Howitt has included with this list, he knows that people will be able to take advantage of it and that they will be able to get more in the city that they are starting their business in.

For years, Sawyer Howitt has watched his father with the options that he has available to him. He wants people to know that he is successful at business and has begun working hard on the options that he has in different areas. While he is based out of Portland, he knows that is not currently the best destination for startups. While it was a popular location in the past, there are more places that are available for people to enjoy so that they are able to get exactly what they need from the experience that they have.

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David Mcdonald – OSI Group President

     David McDonald is currently the President and Chief Operating Officer at OSI Group, LLC. McDonald attended the Iowa State University and earned a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. He serves as Chairman of North American Meat Institute. McDonald is a member of OSI Group’s board of directors. OSI Group is a global leading food-processing company with over 20 years of operation in China. It opened its first food processing operation in Beijing in 1992. In the summer of 2008, Beijing hosted the Olympic games. OSI China successfully supplied 113 tons of five kinds of products including beef, chicken, pork, eggs and dehydrated onion. The company had a feedback of no complaints. The Beijing Olympic Committee was highly appreciated by the service provided by OSI. Since then, OSI China has continued to satisfy suppliers for many popular brands like Papa John’s, Burger King and Subway. Headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, OSI Group is a global leader in supplying protein items, such as beef patties and sausage links. OSI Group also supplies other popular items such as pizza and sandwiches to popular retail brands. The OSI corporation operates more than 50 facilities in 17 countries. It operates eight factories and will have two new facilities soon. OSI Group is making its way to be the largest poultry supplier in the United States. McDonald explains that offering more to its customers is important and it includes product development. OSI Group have makes partners with groups that help grow their business. Consumers have become more demanding and sophisticated in their food choices. They want natural, organic, affordable, healthy and delicious products. McDonald wants to continue giving the consumers what they want and that is a priority among the OSI Group. David McDonald continues to play a huge role in widening the global market and OSI Group shows no signs of slowing down.


UKV PLC Is a Company That Is Offering a Myriad of Benefits To Its Customer Base

     UKV PLC is a wonderful company that is offering a myriad of benefits to its customers. What many wine enthusiasts often find out is that the product(s) that they have invested in are not nearly as good as they had anticipated it to be. As a result, they end up becoming very dissatisfied with their product(s.) You will want to have assurance of knowing that the product that you’re buying is of high quality and not one that is going to leave you disappointed. Low qualities of wine are those that often have watery tastes to them and may even leave customers feeling sick. Whether you’re aware of it or not, a wine company needs to place a considerable amount of importance on its products’ fermentation process. Unfortunately, there are several wine making companies in the market today who are not necessarily placing as much importance on their fermentation processes as they should. As a result, they should take the time to conduct their due diligence of researching on the many different companies that are available for them to buy wine products from.

A reason why UKV PLC is a company that is recommended is because they have been known to place a considerable amount of importance on the fermentation process. They have also been one to place a lot of importance on the sanitation process, as they believe regularly cleaning their manufacturing tanks has an effect of producing high qualities of wine. They are also able to guarantee their customers that proper steps have been taken to ensure that any opportunities that unwanted forms of bacteria could have grown have been eliminated due to them implementing sanitation processes into their regular maintenance routines. By visiting their website, you can take advantage of an opportunity in which you may be able to speak with a customer service representative to have any questions and/or concerns that you may have answered.

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