The Trabuco: The Main Weapon In The Middle Age

The Trabuco falls in a similar classification as catapults and ballistae. Trabuco is a weapon popularly used in the Medieval era to fire over the enemy’s territory. Most Brazilians refer to the Trabuco as short guns that have a relatively larger caliber.

The invention of Trabuco dates back to 400BC in China based on In Europe, its use began in 600 AD. It is an improved version of the old sling. The sling then incorporates a piece of wood that acts as a lever and a traction bolt.

According to, Trabuco utilizes various forms of energy. The weapon initially transforms potential energy to Kinetic energy. However, some of the potential energy creates friction rather than changing. Therefore, the counterweight produced is equal to the speed of the projectile. The size of the counterweight determines the impact of the projectile.

Unlike other siege weapons, the Trabuco is easy to make, maintain and use. It was also popular because of its ability to shoot at greater distances compared to all the others. There are various versions of the Trabuco.

The tensile Trabuco is the pioneer version. As the name suggests, it was drawn out by people. Nevertheless, it was scarce due to the complicated nature of its operations. Despite the ability launch four shots a minute, the tensile Trabuco, required extra efforts controlling individual teams at the center of its functioning. Mardi Al-Tarsusi, an early Islamic scholar, refers to the Trabuco as weapons manufactured by “unbelieving demons.”

The Arabs then redesigned the Trabuco and included an extra weight to the arm’s short end, marking the introduction of the hybrid Trabuco. During Crusades, the Europeans came across these Trabuco and were impressed. They went back with some samples and later reproduced their own. The use of the Trabuco increased significantly during the thirteenth century according to The hybrid Trabuco handled larger weights and shot at greater distances.

The introduction of gun powder marked the end of the popularity of the Trabuco in the battle field. Today, Trabuco is part of the rich history and is used in teaching the principles of mechanisms. Some use it in fun events such as pumpkin throwing competitions.

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