How Cancer Treatment Centers of America is Creating Awareness by Offering Prostate Cancer Screenings

Prostate cancer is one of the killer diseases among men ins today’s world. That is backed up by statistics which show that one in seven men will be diagnosed with this cancer in their lifetime. That has led to some organizations such as NFL, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, as well as LabCorp to team up to increase cancer awareness and at the same time encourage men to show up for early screening.

Prostate Cancer screening is done for free to all men who are aged 40 years and above and who meet the eligibility requirements since this age group is at the risk of developing prostate cancer.

As part of the screening process, public service announcements are going to be given by former NFL coaches; Dick Vermeil, Herm Edwards, as well as Bill Cowher. These announcements will be aired nationally in the cancer awareness month of September.
The main aim will be encouraging men on getting screened for the disease which is considered the first defense against cancer. These organizations have also teamed up to provide advances in screening techniques, diagnosis as well as treatment options.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America or simply
Cancer Treatment Centers of America have their headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida. It was started in the year 1988 by Richard J. Stephenson whose close relative died from cancer because of the poor treatment options.
Cancer Treatment Centers of America is made up of five hospitals, which serve cancer patients throughout the United States of America. They provide a wide variety of services from surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, as well as immunotherapy which aid in treating cancer.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America also offers integrative therapies which assist in reducing the side effects of cancer, which include pain, nausea, fatigue, depression, malnutrition, as well as anxiety. The five centers of the CTCA are located in Illinois, Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, as well as Oklahoma.

Netpicks, Helping You Chose the Best Investment Options

As an investor, you want to invest your money in stocks that will maximize your profits. That is why you need socially responsible investments that are profitable and still uphold environmental and gender values. A good example of where traders should strive to invest in to maintain socially responsible investments is in the ETF’s. They have quite some similarities to the ordinary mutual funds except that, unlike the latter, which is actively managed ETF’s boast passive management. They have become quite widespread and come in four strategies, which are the ESG integration, positive and negative screening, and the themed investing.  Learn more from this helpful article.

Netpicks a company, which educates traders on the best methods of socially responsible investing, gave out the four best ETF’s. The ETFs create stability between the environment and gender, and at the same time being quite profitable that investors should put in mind. For instance SPDR SSGA Gender Diversity index is an ETF that ensures that no gender is left out when it comes to leadership positions. Another investment plan is ishares MSCI KLD 400 social, which seeks to invest in companies that increase profitability while at the same time creating an outstanding balance in environment management, thus, leading to socially responsible investments.

The other ETF’s that traders are told to consider is the Etho Climate Leadership, which focuses on companies that ensure the environment is not degraded through minimizing the emission of carbon. The other one is the ETF ishares MSCI ACWI small carbon target, which also works like the previous one. The company further advises traders to always focus on the risks and expenses of each investment plan. That is because the primary objective is to make returns but in a way that impacts the lives of the future generations positively.  Useful trading tips here.

About Netpicks

The company has been around for over two decades now since it was established in 1996 Mark Soberman. It is in Texas, and its primary goal is to educate traders on the best areas to invest in and at the same time help them to uphold socially responsible investments. That is done through automatic and live training sessions carried out by highly skilled professionals. The company also deals in forex trades where it exchanges over 20 currencies, and it recently launched a new package known as the Universal Market traders. Therefore, investors who wish to learn about the best future and current Forex signals should opt for Netpicks.  Get connected now, click on

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Livio Bisterzo Achievements in Natural Food Industry

     HIPPEAS is recognized for its naturally manufactured snack food. The company co-founded by Livio Bisterzo was launched in April 2016. In 2017, HIPPEAS envisioned to expand to an approximate 18,500 stores in the US and the UK. HIPPEAS stores available in the United States are Albertsons, Vons, and Starbucks. HIPPEAS snacks are also available in the United Kingdom stores, where the natural snack food company has an office. Later this year, HIPPEAS stores are expected to expand to other places such as the Kroger Co. and Target stores.

HIPPEAS compel a lot of its customers with its unique offering that combines nutrition with an ingenious flavor profile. HIPPEAS Company is also recognized for manufacturing the famous organic chickpea puffs which are available in six different ingenious tastes. The creative chickpea flavors include Far out Fajita, Vegan White Cheddar, Sriracha Sunrise, Pepper Power and Happening Hickory Maple Haze. The natural food snacks are designed to attract the healthy and socially conscious consumer. HIPPEAS snacks are premium manufactured to be affordable and better for your consumption.

The natural snack food company has acquired a celebrity eye due to Leonardo DiCaprio’s investments. The environmental activist is believed to have made a minority equity investment in the snack food company. The company also received another investment from the strand equity partners. As a result of the recent investments, HIPPEAS Company highly expects to grow approximate of eleven million dollars this year.

Livio Bisterzo graduated from London University of the arts. Livio is an Italian businessperson. Livio is currently based in Los Angeles. Mr. Livio began his career in 2003 by launching an events business. He created lifestyle business platforms such as the Maddox Club, Pollen St. In 2008, Livio collaborated with RNA Corporation and launched the Kyoku for men brand.

Livio received London’s 1000 most influential people Honor nomination for his achievements over the year form the standard Evening magazine. Bisterzo changed his entrepreneur mindset to food and drink innovation industry. He launched Green Park First Brand and HIPPEAS in 2016. Mr. Livio heads green park first brand as the chief executive officer.

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The Stunning Reputation Upheld by Madison Street Capital

Many people start different companies with the primary goal of making money. However, not all of them succeed, and this is because of some obstacles that come along the way.

The firms that cross the threshold are considered safe to continue with their operations, but what if there was a guide helping with the toughest investment decisions.

A great financial adviser with the skills and adequate information can make a huge difference for a company, positively transforming businesses. Madison Street Capital (MSC) is a global company offering excellent financial advice to businesses. It upholds an incredible reputation for being affiliated with successful businesses as their clients.

Madison Street Capital is located in Chicago, and it helps organizations make smart decisions in investment, achieve financial funds in the form of credit and manage complicated transactions. In 2014, MSC helped a firm located in Illinois called Vital Care Industries choose an appropriate lender as well as obtain a commercial loan.

Vital Care is involved in manufacturing medical products and the Chief executive of the company was pleased with MSC’s services.

Another reason that earns MSC an impressive reputation is the fact the company’s co-founder named Anthony Marsala was appreciated by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts. Anthony was honored with a 40 Under Forty award for being a young business leader with excellent achievements. Learn more about Madison Street Capital Reputation:

In 2016, MSC was crowned as the finalist of the M&A Advisor Awards by finance professionals. MSC received the award for their innovative financing and acquisition deals. The company was also nominated as the year’s leading investment banking firm and a finalist for overseeing the best industrial merger worth less than $100 million.

In January 2017, Madison Street Capital participated in the competition with over 300 firms as the contestants, and they emerged the winners. The company won a Turnaround Award and also received an acknowledgment from the president of The M&A Advisors. The awards boost Madison Street Capital’s reputation positively.

In 2017, MSC guided DCG Software Value in a merger with The Spitfire Group. DCG has been in the industry for more than two decades offering software analysis and support services. The merger will broaden their range of products and services. MSC has also worked with other clients such as the ARES Security Corporation, Maryland Company and much more offering different financial services.

Lastly, Madison Street Capital is involved in philanthropic work, and this enhances their reputation. MSC donated funds for causatives after a severe weather led to massive losses in the Midwestern and Eastern United States in 2011.

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How Fashion Mogul and Billionaire Chris Burch Built His Business Empire

There are not many professionals who can say that they have earned the titles of fashion mogul and billionaire but Christopher Burch is one of those professionals. Chris Burch is perhaps best known for helping to launch one of American fashion’s most iconic women’s wear brands but many people probably do not know that he was in the fashion business for decades before he ever helped to lead a company that was able to show its collections at New York Fashion Week.  Take a closer look at his list of diverse investment, hit on

Like many entrepreneurs Chris Burch started out as a plucky young person with a dream and an entrepreneurial drive. The entrepreneurship bug first bit him in college. Rather than just spending his time indulging in all of the leisure that college had to offer Chris Burch decided to spend his time as a college student at Ithaca College focusing on building his very first business. He launched a retail business that focused on selling clothing such as sweaters door to door. Chris would often make these sales himself and as a result learned firsthand the amount effort that it took to actually take a business idea that had been percolating in his head and turn into a tangible venture that was able to earn money.   Refer to for a related article.

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Chris Burch’s hard work on his very first business Eagle Eye Apparel would go on to pay off in a major way. According to a report Chris Burch was able to build Eagle Eye Apparel into a strong retail company that eventually go on earn $60 million in revenue. After successfully launching his company Eagle Eye Apparel Chris Burch would not just stop there. He would go on to help a future business partner build a powerful luxury fashion brand that is still successful to this day. Eventually Chris Burch would decide to channel his knack for building powerful consumer brands for female consumers and consumers that had an appreciation for luxury into a parent company that is known as Burch Creative Capital.   Visit the website, check

Burch Creative Capital was able to realize Chris Burch’s passion for developing products that helped consumers create the kinds of wardrobes that they wanted or to fill their homes with beautiful things. The company has served as a way for Burch to bring the expertise that he developed as a young hungry fashion entrepreneur and as the co-founder of a luxury fashion brand and to leverage it to the benefit of a wide array of business partners and business ideas.  Additional article on

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Chris Burch: Investment Skills at Its Best

Chris Burch is a renowned entrepreneur with an innovative vision and great investment skills. He is known for diverse business portfolio starting from hospitality to online consumer brands. Currently, Burch is the founder and Chief Executive of Burch Creative Capital, an investment firm with diverse investment aspirations based on the entrepreneurial values of Burch. It should be noted Burch has groomed at least 50 different companies in his 40 years entrepreneurial career, and many of them are highly successful and well-known brands now. His recent ventures include Coccoon9, Poppin, ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Tory Burch, and more. Apart from setting up online brands through highest quality products and services, Burch is also credited for some of the world’s best hospitality projects. His beach resort named Nihiwatu is located in a remote Indonesian island has declared as the best beach resort by many travel groups.

Interestingly, according to, Burch started his entrepreneurial journey during his college days. He collaborated with his brother by contributing $2000, and they launched Eagle Eye Apparel with a direct sales option to households. The brand grew by earning the trust of the consumers and finally, sold it for $60 million. While he was running the firm, Burch learned the technics of finding efficient production sources and developing direct market plans to consumers. His resort in the Nihi Sumba Island of Indonesia was actually a beach hostel. Burch collaborated with James McBride, a famous hotelier, in 2012 bought the hostel, renovated it, and opened it as an ultra-modern beach resort in 2015. The resort contains 27 villas that mixes natural features of the region. The visitors have multiple options to enjoy their vacation there including safari ride, hiking, the boat ride into various parts of the island, and more.  Read additional article on

Chris Burch combines his creativity, imagination, new market opportunities, and support and scale to create disruptive brands that can give long-lasting positive impact on customers. He is also known for developing various brands in organic foods, home furnishings, technology, and retail industries. Burch founded Blink Health, Chubbies, Brad’s Raw Foods, BaubleBar, Soludos, Little Duck Organics, and more.  The site offers more related reading.

He is also a mentor to many aspiring entrepreneurs and shares his vision about technology, entrepreneurial innovation, and more through his official website. Learn more about his creative output, hit   Burch is also active in various philanthropic initiatives and contributes millions for the community needs. He contributed to The Sumba Foundation, The Child Welfare League of China, The China Association of Social Work, NYU Langone, The Henry Street Settlement, and Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York. For his recent timeline activity update, check on this.

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Gregory James Aziz, A Visionary Entrepreneur, And Philanthropist

James Aziz was born and brought up in Ontario Canada. He studied at Ridley College and later joined the University of Western Ontario to major in Economics. After finishing his studies, Gregory J Aziz began his career working in 1971 at Affiliated Foods, a family-owned business that deals with the sale of food products in wholesale. He grew the family business in a span of 16 years to become an international trader of fresh food products from South America, and Europe. These fresh food products were supplied to wholesale markets in the America and Eastern Canada.


Greg Aziz began working for several banking companies between the late 1980s until the early 1990s, in New York. James Aziz bought one of North America’s largest railroad car companies, National Steel Car, in January 1994 from Dofasco. He now serves as the CEO and Chairman of the company at their headquarters in Ontario, Canada. It was founded in 1912 to design and manufacture railroad cars. The aim of the company is and always has been to manufacture railroad cars that meet and exceed the expectations of their customers. The company now has over a century of experience in engineering and manufacturing quality freight railroad cars in North America. More information on This Page


As a motivational leader, Greg Aziz attributes the success of National Steel Car to the innovation, diversity, and value-driven attitude of the employees. He mentioned that it is through their hard work that the company grew their railroad car production from 3,500 per annum to 12,000 per annum in five years. The number of employees also grew in relation to the increase in production from 600 to 3,000.


Aziz ensures that the company maintains a good relationship with all their customers and employees. This ensures manufacturing and engineering excellence is always maintained. National Steel Car has retained the number one position of the railway car manufacturing consecutively for 18 years. The company is the only manufacturer of these cars in the Northern part of America that has received ISO 9001:2008 certification. Since 1996, this Company has been honored with the TTX SECO award consistently due to their high-quality operations and products. All these achievements are thanks to the efforts of Greg James Aziz.


Through the philanthropic nature of the president James Aziz, National Steel Car has sponsored various local charities in its hometown of Hamilton, Ontario. Aziz together with his wife Irene has also sponsored the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.


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Gregory Aziz Behind Innovative National Steel Car Streetcars

All are well aware of the innovativeness and manufacturing excellence of National Steel Car. In the end, there were 48 HSR streetcars that were delivered in three batches. These were delivered over a span of three years. 23 arrived in 1927, followed by 12 in 1928, with 13 arriving in 1929.

Greg Aziz is well aware of the legacy of this company. In April 1927, the HSR 500 was publicly displayed at the Hamilton Terminal Station. It was the recipient of favorable reviews from the residents of Hamilton who viewed it. A lot of NSC cars were delivered by May. These took over the Beltline route. They were the two-man cars.


HSR system was changed as the first big group came in of single-ended cars. It led to the construction of Westdale and Longwood Loops. This allowed these new cars to turn at the end of their routes. The city did not permit constructing new loops which would be required at the end of the York and the Burlington routes. This is why the York route would be serviced by the double-ended cars for several years. The NSC cars would run along Burlington and then travel down Kenilworth.

James Aziz further clarified that these were the only streetcars which were painted in the paint scheme of the Canada Coach Lines in 1946. There used to be a thin orange stripe which was placed under the windows. In some streetcars, this stripe was either removed or not added.


These NSC streetcars served in Hamilton till 1951. Then these cars were stored and eventually sold in 1951 to the International Metal Company. The trucks and electrical equipment were stripped off. Out of these, eight streetcar bodies were sold to private owners who used them as buildings. 39 of these were resold to Dofasco. These were cut up for scrap in 1952.

The length of these cars was 40 ft. 11 in and a width of 8 ft. 3.5 in beside a height of 10 ft. 9 in. They could seat 53 and weighed 37 000 lbs.


HSR 505 made by National Steel Car was used for crossing the McKittrick bridge. It used to make noise while crossing the cast-iron bridge. This noise could be heard in Westdale clearly, which was nearly a kilometer to the west. This bridge was demolished later.


Gregory J. Aziz is aimed at taking this legacy still further. Read This Article for more information.

How Robert Ivy Is Making The World A Better Place Through Architecture

Robert Ivy who holds a degree in architecture from Tulane University and Bachelor of arts from the University of the South is the executive vice president and chief executive officer of the American Institute of Architects (AIA).The AIA has over 250 network and around 90,00 member architects and design professionals who are committed to enhancing the building industry.

Roberts began his career in as a principal for dean/dale, Dean & Ivy and also edited and advised many publishers.In 1996 he joined McGraw hill publishers as Editor in chief/architectural record, and he later became the Vice president and editorial director.During his tenure at McGraw, his duties included leading MH construction and design publications, green sourcing, engineering news record, regional publications among others.In 2011 Ivy left McGraw hill and joined the Institute of Architects where he serves as the CEO. He has the duty of transforming the rich legacy of the network to a proactive, responsive and influential organization.His other primary task is to ensure that the public is aware of the value and importance of architects.

Robert Ivy achievement during his tenure at AIA includes streaming governance in the network to aid in faster decision making, building a digital-first technology and launching a highly successful public awareness campaign.His current focus is to ensure that the architects are ready to handle today’s pressing issues like climate change, sustainability and how design impacts public health. He endeavors to strengthen AIA through the public forum, advocacy, and training that help the members serve the clients effectively.

Under the leadership of Robert, the companies he has headed received various awards.Editorial Architecture won several awards, including premier magazine journalism award, the American society of magazine editor’s national magazine award for excellence, they also received 26 Jesse H Neal awards and many others. Robert has also been awarded for dedication and has won numerous awards. He received an honor by Alpha Rho Chi for his commitment to communicating the value of design, a designation he shares with iconic architects like Dr. Nathan Ricker who is the first graduate of the American architecture school.He is only one to receive this accolade in the 21st century.

Robert has authored the definitive biography Fay James: architect, which is currently in its third publication.Ivy also gives public address to lay audiences in a bid to train them on the role and meaning of architecture in day to day life. Robert has the determination and commitment to make the world a better place by giving his best in his area of expertise.

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Avaaz Making the World a Better Place – One Community at a Time

Avaaz intends to end the disparity in the world today, and the world people aspire by rallying all global citizens. The organization encourages advocacy for regional, national, and global issues such as climate change, poverty and corruption. The Avaaz approach leverages internet organization to enable a multitude of people to combine their voices and efforts to form a powerful movement.

With a reach of over six continents and thousands of volunteers, Avaaz community campaigns utilize 15 different languages. Call for action is through lobbying governments, direct actions, offline events and protests, media campaigns and petitions. In the past, synchronizing global advocacy and social movements was a challenge. Currently, globalization and technology advancements have made social organization easier and resume their.

A global team tasked with handling on all and any issues affecting citizens across the globe runs Avaaz campaigns. As a result, the organization allows focus, flexibility, aptness, scale, and agility. The organization’s online community can raise the alarm on new issues, quicken the response to an urgent matter, highlight public concerns through targeted campaigns and use advocacy to meet the immediate public needs and more information click here.

The Avaaz members generate the campaign ideas and then poll to decide which initiatives and ideas come first. They also receive regular briefs through emails on the organization. Through partnerships and consultations, the staff develops member-inspired and efficient campaign strategies. The culture of collaboration among the members, experts, and Avaaz has contributed to the success of the campaigns to date and what Avaaz knows.

Avaaz is 100% funded by the public and accounts for every donation. Avaaz depends on one principle; responsibility and privilege to others, future generations, and the planet. The organization then endeavors to work on issues that resonate with the belief. By engaging a community to respond to a problem, Avaaz hopes to create a movement that can shape the world and Avaaz’s lacrosse camp.

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