Helping Out with Logan Stout

Logan Stout is many things at once. He is an author, a motivational speaker as well as the CEO and founder of IDLife. He believes in helping people out in any way that he can. The main goal for him, as well as IDLife, is helping people focus solely on their health so people can live longer and more successful lives.He believes in building people up and helping them have as much success as they desire. His book is called Stout Advice: THe Secrets to Building Yourself, People and Teams. It shows how he was able to step by step not only make himself a success but other people as well. The philosophy of helping people and giving back has been tested by the recent storm called Hurricane Harvey.

Logan Sout lives in the city of Frisco, Texas and when Hurricane Harvey slammed into Houston he knew he had to help out in some way. The first thing he did was to offer warehouse space for the agencies that needed it. He also made sure that much-needed items were properly delivered to the places that needed them the most. In one of the most effective moves after the events of Hurrican Harvey Logan Stout appealed to social media to get the word out that a convoy of vehicles was coming to Houston with desperately needed supplies. Heis workers showed up at the United Way of Dallas and took on the daunting task of filling all of the trucks with necessary goods for the people of Houston. He also assisted hand in hand with other companies in the area to provide as much help as possible to as many people as he can. With the power of teamwork and determination, Logan Stout believes that the people of Houston can and will overcome the ravages of Hurricane Harvey.

Working with people is one of the best ways that Logan Stout can influence those people around him. By working with people and companies around Houston and around the country, Logan Stout can safely say that he is living the dream of a well-lived life. In his view, a person hasn’t lived until he helped someone in need.

Hurricane Harvey has taught Logan Stout that the need for giving never stops. As long as people need help after a storm like Harvey, Logan Stout will be there to lend a helping hand.

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